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Monday, December 3, 2012

Chatting with Pynk, author of Poltics. Escorts. Blackmail.

They say life imitates art. In Politics. Escorts. Blackmail. you really feel that adage is true. Author Pynk has woven a story that is the Law and Order of erotica -- ripped from the headlines. And just like the original Law and Order, this book is addictive and hard to put down. Pynk spoke to me about the novel, which will be released on Dec. 11, but you can and should preorder it right now by clicking here!

Politics and sex are all over the news and your new novel seems right on time. What inspired you to write this book?

Just like the sex scandals in today’s headlines, years ago I was inspired to write this book after continually hearing about politicians who risk their reputations, positions, and marriages, all for romps in the sack with mistresses or prostitutes. I wanted to know what might be going on in the politicians’ lives, and what happens during an encounter with an escort, but more importantly, what happens in the lives of the escorts. I wanted to know why any woman would decide to become a madam, and why they’d risk their freedom . . . for money. I couldn't help but to name the madam in Politics.Escorts.Blackmail., Money!

When it comes to madams and pimps, do you think women are judged more harshly?

Actually, I think madams are judged more harshly when they reach the level of Kristen Davis, a.k.a. the Manhattan Madam, because of the income potential, and also, because of their high-profile client lists. I’d say you rarely find men who get to that level (though some may own brothels), because the higher class call-girls usually trust the women who’ve been in their shoes. The terms pimp and madam are one in the same; one is just a lady pimp. Some think of a pimp as one who procures streetwalkers, but not necessarily. Pimps and madams procure prostitutes, vulnerable men and women (sometimes under age) for profit. Once the lady pimp has organized her business, she's classified as a madam, and though the clients might be high-end, it’s still pimping. Male pimps and female pimps are usually the ones that law enforcement officials are after; those who are the head of the prostitution ring. The prostitutes and johns usually go free. In the case of Eliot Spitzer, who served no jail time, the Manhattan Madam served time at Rikers Island. So at that level, I think the madam gets judged more harshly.

What do you hope readers gain from this book?

I hope that readers enjoy the dramatic peek into the lives of Madam Money Watts, and her three escorts, Leilani, Midori, and Kemba, and understand how degrading and dangerous that type of lifestyle can be. I show the odd requests by johns, and the backlash that being a sex worker has cause in one’s personal life. I hope that readers will be less judgmental of those in this profession. They call prostitution the oldest profession for a reason, as it’s not going anywhere. There will always be narcissistic, wealthy men who will pay premium dollar to an escort agency for the fantasy and the discretion that a high-end hooker promises. But even though both have a lot to lose, dirty little secrets always come out in the end.

How did you research this novel – are escorts really this open? 

I read blogs and books, and interviewed two former escorts, one who I was introduced to while doing research for Erotic City. The escorts were very honest. I was surprised as to the types of fantasies that the johns want to live out, the kind of acts that these women and men are paid to perform, the way they must also be therapists and listen as if they truly care, and the great deal of money that can be made. What I found most troubling was how risky the business is, whether on a street corner or in a fancy hotel. Both women I spoke to were at a point in their professions where they each needed to call 9-1-1, but didn’t because they were engaged in an illegal act and didn’t want to be arrested, so they suffered through it. Preparing myself to show my readers those types of things was tough. Bottom line, as I say on my dedication page, prostitutes are more than their bodies: they are kings and queens worthy of happiness, respect, and love.

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