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Monday, January 19, 2009

The most anticipated event of 2009!! (Not dealing with Barack Obama)

There has never been a MORE anticipated event!
(At least in my mind anyway.)
The release of More Than He Can Handle.
Feb. 3, 2009!

Stay tuned for your chance to win a signed copy!

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Is this still America?

Two stories in the news stand out to me today.
First, there is the transit cop in California who killed an unarmed black man on New Year's Day. It was caught on video tape, but after Rodney King, we all know that doesn't mean shit.
Then there is a story out of Houston:
Robbie Tolan sits in a Houston, Texas, hospital bed with a bullet from a police officer's gun lodged in his liver. The son of a famed baseball player was shot in his own driveway.

But how this unarmed 23-year-old and his cousin ended up in the cross-hairs of an officer's gun, suspected of stealing a car, is a question sparking allegations of racial profiling.

"There's no doubt in my mind that if these had been white kids this does not happen," said David Berg, Tolan's attorney.

It was 2 a.m. on December 31 when Tolan and his cousin, Anthony Cooper, were confronted in the driveway of their home by Bellaire, Texas, police officers. Police officials say the officers suspected the two young men were driving a stolen car

Bellaire is a prominent, mostly white suburb in southwest Houston.

So, how does this happen in this post racial country that white folk (Fox News) wants us to believe that we're living in?
Guess what the police chief said:
"Anytime someone is injured we take it very seriously," said Byron Holloway, Assistant Chief of the Bellaire Police Department. "But any allegation of racial profiling, I don't think that's going to float."

The police department is investigating and the district attorney's office in Houston is also looking into whether charges will be filed against the police officer.

The policeman is a white, 10-year veteran of the force whom police say has an excellent record.

I don't know what bullshit smells like, but I know what it sounds like. And Byron Holloway, you are speaking total bullshit. How did cops think the car was stolen? Do you not have computers to run the license plate?
What the fuck are these officers learning in this hick ass Texas town? Shoot the black man?

I don't want to hear that racism is a thing of the past because as this man sits in the hospital, his baseball career possibly over and several health issues that may develop later, he is living (Thank God the redneck didn't kill him) proof that racism is festering in the U.S.A.