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Monday, July 29, 2013

The Carmen Chronicles: Solomon meets Clara

Solomon Crawford pounded on his desk. Who in the hell was Clara Flowers. Fields. Whatever. Why was she bringing this shit up again? Really, who gave a damn about Carmen and her insane ass? She was dead.
New York Daily Observer was a tabloid rag anyway. Was this the only way those hacks could sell papers?
“Mr. Crawford,” his assistant said over the intercom. “You have a guest.”
“Does this guest have an appointment?”
“She said no but you would want to see her. It’s Clara Fields.”
He muttered a string of curse words that would shame a sailor. “I don’t want to see her.”
“Mr. Crawford,” an unknown voice, which he assumed was Clara’s, said. “I have some information about Carmen De La Croix that I think you should know.”
“Why don’t you print it in your next installment of the Carmen Chronicles?! “he boomed.
“Mr. Crawford, you really should talk to me in private about this.”
“Fu—You know what, come on in. I have a few things I’d like to say to you in private as well.”

The Carmen Chronicles: A Monster emerges

Chelsea’s life with her “mother” wasn’t easy. Anita wanted a family – more specifically a husband. She led little Chelsea to believe that they were biologically related. But when Anita had a man in her life, she ignored her daughter and seemingly turned a blind eye to the sexual abuse Chelsea suffered starting at the age of ten.
Jimmy Peterson had been Chelsea’s last abuser. She’d been 15 at the time that he moved in with Anita.
“That house was clocked in evil,” said former neighbor Betty Wallace. “I’d hear that poor child crying out for help at night. When I tried to talk to Anita, she told me to mind my damn business. I tried to call the authorities but they didn’t follow up.”
Then the fire happened. Details of that night are sketchy, but Anita and Jimmy were locked in the basement as the house burned. It was ruled an arson and Chelsea was the only suspect. When the story made the papers, her aunt Lucy Washington found her. Lucy had been Chelsea’s real father’s sister and she ran a successful catering business in New York City. She went to court on her niece’s behalf and promised the judge that she would provide a stable home for the girl.
She even changed Chelsea’s last name and it looked as if things were going to turn around for her. But Chelsea was damaged and her aunt never followed up on the court ordered therapy. Chelsea grew angrier as the years passed. She dropped out of school, despite the fact that she was a brilliant child with an IQ of 150.
Life with Lucy meant a lot of work for Chelsea and little reward. Her clothes were hand me downs and she had a few burn scars on her neck from the fire. Chelsea blended in the background and her aunt reminded her of that a lot.
Chelsea was trying to earn money to get a place of her own, but Lucy stopped paying her right before Solomon Crawford’s ill-fated wedding. Crawford had been abandoned at the altar and according to one of the other workers, he and Chelsea had an encounter in the kitchen.
“She acted as if he was a superstar,” said Damien Bright. “He was drunk and cussing. Knocked the cake over and fell on her. You would’ve thought it was the highlight of her life. She helped him out of the center through a back door and from that day on, she was all about that man. Lucy told her she wasn’t in his league. She told her that the only thing she’d ever be able to do for Solomon Crawford is change the sheets at his hotel. Said that in front of everyone and little Chelsea socked her. It was such a shock. Next thing we know, Lucy was missing.”

--Clara Fields 

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Carmen Chronicles

The Carmen Chronicles
Five years after the death of Carmen De La Croix, New York Daily Observer reporter, Clara Fields uncovered what drove Solomon Crawford’s former right hand woman to madness.
This is what she found out:
                The violent end to Carmen De La Croix’s life seemed to be a self fulfilling prophecy. Born Chelsea Rodriguez, the little girl was placed up for adoption at the age of three. She was raised by a woman who she thought was her mother, but Angela Chavez was one of the New York City Department of Child Services foster parents. During the 1980s, there were some women who used the foster system as a way to supplement their income and Chavez was one of the worst.
                According to county records, Chavez had collected payments in excess of $40,000 for children who were no longer in her care. Because there wasn’t a great system of checks and balances, it was years before the fraud was discovered and too late to save Chelsea from abuse that she suffered at the hands of Angela and her husband.
Coming soon: A monster is created, not born

Clara Fields. 

If you're asking yourself, who is Carmen De La Croix, check out No Other Lover Will Do

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The real Pat McCrory is standing up

I moved to Charlotte in 1995, a freshman at Johnson C. Smith University. At that time, current North Carolina governor Pat McCrory was the mayor of Charlotte. Throughout the 1990s, the Duke Power employee was the "leader" of the Queen City.   (In case you were wondering how that law suit against the power company got settled so fast.)

Are you happy with your vote?
McCrory hated Raleigh -- so he said. He even led a convoy to the state capital in 2007, demanding that the General Assembly did more to fight crime. He told WSOC-TV:

McCrory says, "This is a citizens' grassroots effort to go to Raleigh to say, ‘To hell with partisan politics. It's inexcusable to get in a partisan fight over crime.'" He added, "This is not a political issue. This is a life and death issue."
Fast forward to 2013, he is the partisan asshole politician that he allegedly couldn't stand. We're barely into the first year of King McCrory's reign and he's making South Carolina governor Nikki Haley look like a genius. That meas McCrory is a royal fuck up. And to think, Charlotte leaders had such high hopes for McCrory when he took office.

Now that former Charlotte mayor Pat McCrory is governor of North Carolina, Queen City leaders react to what lies ahead. Several Charlotte City Council members say they have high hopes for the new governor but some wonder if he will hold his ground in Raleigh.
"Pat McCrory is the right man at the right time," said City Councilman Andy Dulin.
Charlotte leaders are not only confident he can do the job, but some also said this is a day the city can be proud of.
"Having a former mayor of Charlotte serve as governor is an honor for our city and says a lot about the leadership we bring to the state," Councilman David Howard said in a statement Friday.
"May we all working together be a beacon of hope and progress for our nation and of course for our great state," said Gov. McCrory in his inauguration ceremony.
While City Councilman Michael Barnes says McCrory was moderate as mayor, he hopes that holds true as governor.
Moderate? Yeah, that went out the window with his attack on the poor, women and minorities. Pat Mac has repealed the racial justice act , cut unemployment benefits and took over Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Something he said would've never happened while he was mayor.
Yes, little girl, I'm going to ruin your life.

In 2008, the first time he ran for governor, not too many people outside of the Charlotte area knew who in the hell he was.
Obviously, Charlotte had no idea of the bigot who lurked inside the former Democrat. Yes. Pat Mac used to be a donkey. (Some might argue that he is still a jackass, but I digress.)

Bensalem resident Evelyn Hill admits that she doesn't know a whole lot about McCrory, but she's not voting for him.
"What little bit I know about him is that he's a moderate Republican, and I won't vote for him ever," she says. "A moderate is just like a Democrat. And when you can't tell the Saints from the Ain'ts, what's the purpose of having two parties?"
Well, Ms. Hill, I'm sure Pat Mac 2.0 is meeting all of your conservative needs.
This is what kind of Governor he said he'd be in 2008:

"I have stepped on the toes of the far right and the far left," he says. "I anticipate doing the same thing as governor."
He says that the mass-transit and light-rail issues in Charlotte are examples of him doing what's best for the future.
"Many of the people in my party strongly disagreed with that, but I felt it was the best long-term thing to do for our city and region. I didn't waver, and I think in the long term we will find out that it's the best decision; and we're finding out that it's the best decision in the short term. And ... I've disagreed with the political left on many issues, such as the death-penalty moratorium to the living wage to certain tax increases. I do what I think is best and I'm not going to try to appease every interest group."
 He lost to Bev Purdue. So, he came back cloaked in conservative Tea Party clothes and beat the hell out of Walter Dalton. Now, the state of North Carolina is suffering. It's enough to make you want to move to South Carolina. The New York Times was right, North Carolina is in decline.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Only Option. . . Deatri King-Bey drops by with her new novel

Last week I received an email from a reader who said she loved my latest title, The Only Option and wondered where I got the idea from. I explained to the reader that an event usually occurs that sparks an idea for the plot, but that didn’t happen with The Only Option. It just came to me organically. I explained this on my blog also, but now I really want to know where the idea came from.

I often say I have voices in my head, and if I don’t write their stories, they will drive me crazy, so I put my psychosis to work. But something has always happened that woke the voice up.  A triggering event. Yeah, I know I sound crazy, but you’ll find many authors are a little touched in the head.

The best I could come up with was fifteen years ago I had several friends whose marriages had been arranged. Back then I had been fascinated by the topic so asked a gazillion questions. That must have planted the seed. Then a few years ago, the opening of the novel popped into my head. It played out in my mind like a movie on the big screen. That’s all I had. I knew nothing more about the plot. Since I didn’t have a full novel in my head, I carried on writing, but a few months ago, Jonah and Isis said, “It’s our turn!”

Did I tell you I’m a little touched in the head? LOL. So I began writing without knowing where the story would go. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

The Only Option features a new cast of characters I hope you all enjoy. Here’s the back cover blurb:
Sane upwardly-mobile women don’t agree to enter into arranged marriages… Or do they?
Control freak Jonah Tazi comes from a long line of arranged marriages, but the thought of his parents picking his bride never sat well with him. Time is working against Jonah, so he reluctantly agrees to allow his father to find him a proper bride. Then he meets Isis and becomes infatuated with the vibrant, funny, and talented woman. A powerful man used to getting exactly what he wants, exactly when he wants it, he is unprepared when Isis doesn’t agree to his proposal immediately. Now he is determined to convince her (and everyone else) that he and Isis belong together. Jonah intends to be her only option.
Isis Michaels has always been sheltered by her father. The tables have turned, and now she must shelter him. Isis rearranges her life and will do whatever it takes to please her father during the time he has left—almost anything. It becomes clear that he wants to see her settled before he passes. Is marrying Jonah, a man she’s emotionally and physically attracted to but just met, her only option?
Here’s the portion that was in my mind all of those years.

                                                               Chapter One

“Dad, you’re not choosing my wife.” Adjusting his earpiece, Jonah exited the elevator. Fifteen minutes early for an acquisition meeting, he considered himself late.

“You’re a lot closer to forty than thirty. People are starting to talk.”

“I don’t care.” Artwork lined either side of the hallway. The priceless collection had taken Jonah years to build and there were more pieces to acquire.

“Well, I do. Three years. Three years ago you promised to dedicate time to finding a wife.”

“I’ve been busy running a multibillion-dollar corporation.”

“I was just as busy as my father and his father before him. We’ve always had arranged marriages. That didn’t change when my father moved to this country. He did an excellent job of choosing my wife.”

“You’re divorced.” Jonah’s grandfather had moved his wife from Morocco to the United States shortly after their marriage. The majority of the family remained in Morocco and Spain along with many of their traditions. Jonah’s selection of a wife went beyond tradition. As the only son, Jonah believed it was his duty to produce at least one heir to carry on the Tazi name. Time had slipped by too quickly for him to find a wife. A control freak, he hated the idea of his father choosing his wife, but he didn’t see an alternative.

Attracted to the maturity of women his own age, if he waited much longer, the type of woman Jonah wanted wouldn’t be of childbearing age. “Fine, I’ll get married. I take it you have suitable options in mind?”

“Of course I do. I’ll have your assistant set up the meetings.”

“Speaking of meetings, I have one in thirteen minutes. We can talk later.” Jonah disconnected and continued along the hallway. Originally, he’d tried to acquire D. M. Solutions two years ago, but the owner wouldn’t consider his offer.

He rounded the corner, then stopped in his tracks. Few people had access to his private floor, so seeing a woman standing dangerously close to his Auguste Rodin sculpture shocked him. What drew him even more than her presence were her legs. Quite tall himself, he rarely met a woman who reached his shoulders. He’d give his Rembrandt to have her legs wrapped around him as he pushed into her.

Soon he’d be selecting a wife and other women would be off-limits. Currently a free man, Jonah had no intention of allowing the long-legged lovely to pass him by.

I hope you give The Only Option a chance. It’s available in PrintKindle, and Nook/ePub (via Barnes & Noble) formats.
Thanks for the continued support everyone. I hope you enjoy Isis and Jonah’s story.  And please help spread the word.
You can find me online at:,, my dangerously-sexy suspense is written as L. L. Reaper

Cheris, thank you so for the continued support. I appreciate all you do.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Insignificant Others. . .significantly sexy

What happens when you pair two of the hottest voices in erotica? You get

Insatiable Press's Insignificant Others. 

Pynk and Carol Taylor bring back some of their popular characters in two sexy novellas. 

 Pynk takes readers to Miami in Erotic City: Miami. 

It’s 2012 and what happened in 2008 at the controversial Erotic City swingers club in Atlanta is a distant memory. Now, with a second club located in Miami, Milan Kennedy and her heavyweight boxer husband, Lavender Lewis, have moved to Miami to raise his son. Lavender’s loony baby’s mama is serving time in prison for the attempted murder of Milan. For now all seems quiet, that is until Milan and Lavender are served child custody papers, and also, a test of fidelity arises just as the couple plans to add to their family, and expand their thriving business. Milan questions the very meaning of the lifestyle itself, and doubts the purpose of her own career as a swingers club owner, providing significant others a playground for fornication. Big Booty Trudy, Tamiko Kennedy, Jarod Hamilton, and Nancy Clark Kennedy all return, and a couple of freaky additions are added to the mix. The newest location, Erotic City: Miami, is a huge success, but at what cost? Will the wife-swapping lifestyle change Milan and Lavender forever, or will they survive the very temptations that their own sex business brings?

Carol Taylor revisits the complicated lives of four women who are looking for Mr. Right in the Big Apple.

The Ex Chronicles: Plan B--Funny, erotic, sexy, and insightful, The Ex Chronicles: Plan B reveals the darker side of desire, when four women must overcome their lust or be trapped by it. Bourgie Hope, the editorial director of Shades magazine, fell in love with Derrick, a single dad from the projects, while at her wits end caring for her sick mother and handling her own high-powered career. Derrick proposed to Hope and she was ecstatic. But she’s now wondering if it's too much too soon, especially when she meets the sexy and seductive Max. Precious, a Shades editor, left her fiancĂ© Darius after finding him in bed with another woman. She’s now back with him; hoping that this time he really will change. Bella, the overindulged wild child of rich parents, burned out, not only drugs and alcohol but also on her enabling ex Julius, and went into rehab. Now her parents are threatening to cut her off if she doesn’t get a job, something she’s never had to do. Half-Jamaican, half-British Zenobia sacrificed a successful modeling career for her ex Malcolm, but his constant cheating made it impossible for her to stay with him. Now she’s with David, but Malcolm wants her back. As we follow these best friends from New York, to London, and Amsterdam, they must cope with not only their careers and their past, but also their cheating exes and the love they still have for them. They each need a Plan B.
Get your ice tea, cold wine and fans ready as you read these hot novellas. From steamy love scenes to exquisite story telling, you won't be disappointed by these tales.

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