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Monday, April 29, 2013

Scenes from the Taliah Waajid Natural Hair Show

The Taliah Waajid Natural Hair Show in Atlanta brings out some of the biggest and most beautiful natural hair people. There are demonstrations on how to care for you kinks and coils. Products for your hair and of course, books.Saturday was an amazing day for me. I met a lady who said she'd been following me for three years and she so loved my books. She cried and I did too. It was so humbling and surprising. I'm always amazed when people recognize my work and enjoy it. 

I enjoyed my time in Atlanta and meeting authors like:
Melanee Banks, author of Bryana's Biggest Wish
Erika Parker, author of Miya's Hair Day, and her amazing artist husband.
Shawneda Marks, author of I Am Not My Hair
Boss lady Tamika Newhouse, who is the author of so many books I've lost count. My favorite, though, is Kisses Don't Lie.
Also, Mrs. P.A. Wilson, author of The Peace Within.
This was a wonderful event and I had an amazing time.
PS: Pray that I bought the winning lottery ticket in South Carolina.

She matches my tattoo. :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I have Forces of Nature in my hand

It never gets old. The delivery man knocks on the door and drops off a box of books with my name on them. I spent a year--in this case years--with these characters. Wrote, rewrote, rewrote their lives over and over again. Finally, the book is here. This is book number 15 for me. Fifteen!! And this is my 10th anniversary as a romance novelist.
Humbled that people want to read my books.
Honored that people like my books.
Amazed that something I started doing because I wanted to run away from home, but knew that my mama would beat the breaks off me has given me a real career.
I'm so happy Forces of Nature is here.
May 7th, you can get your copy too!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Scenes from For Sisters Only

This weekend I had the opportunity to speak at the annual For Sisters Only expo in Charlotte, sponsored by CBS Radio. What a wonderful event!

Take a look:

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Waiting For The Other Shoe to Drop: Part 29- B

I went home and took a shower, changed into a pair of leggings and a form fitting tunic. Just in case there was going to be a round two; I left the underwear in the drawer. Slipping into a pair of black pumps, and spraying on my favorite body spray, I headed out the door. Already late for a dinner I didn’t want to eat, I stopped and grabbed a sandwich from Wendy’s so that I could pick at the fish that I wasn’t going to eat and not offended the cook.
Actually, I didn’t care about offending him, how do you invite someone to dinner and not even ask them if they like fish? I just can’t get past the smell of fish. And fried fish. You need to hand me a gas mask. Funny, because I grew up on the coast, I’m supposed to love this stuff. I’m just not your typical southerner, I guess. That’s what makes me – me – and so hard for people to understand.
And now I’m starting to worry. What if this whole thing with David turned out to be another mistake with a man? I was getting pretty tired of the bullshit. Maybe I needed to change? But how?  And was he someone I should change for – orgasms withstanding—what the hell did I know about him. Oh, Lord, here I go again confusing my clitoris with my heart. I needed to get to know this man beyond the bedroom to see if he was worth it. And I was going to tell him that I didn’t want his damned fish.
I arrived at David’s place around seven thirty. He opened the door in a white tank that highlighted his dark skin and nearly made me forget that little pep talk that I’d had with myself on the drive over.  “And I thought I’d been stood up,” he said as he ushered me in. “But you were definitely worth the wait.”
“Thanks,” I said. “Sorry I’m late.”
“That’s all right,” he said then gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Come in and let me get you a plate.”
I could feel his eyes on my ass as I walked toward the dining room table. Score one for the black leggings. “Umm,” he expelled.
I stopped and he was pressed against me, hard as a brick and it felt so good. I had to take two steps forward before I pushed back and dinner became like lunch, imaginary.
“So,” I said, voice husky and V.I Warshawski, circa Kathleen Turner, like. “What’s for dinner again?”
The look in his eyes said he wanted to put me on the table and have me along with that grilled corn.
“Come in the kitchen with me, you can fix your plate,” he said then brushed against me and kissed my cheek. “I realized something after I cooked.”
“What was that?”
“I didn’t even ask if you liked the menu.”
Smiling, I put a check in the right column for giving him a chance. “I’m not a seafood person, particularly fish.”
He hitched his right eyebrow. “And you’re from the south?”
“Don’t let that fool you. I actually enjoy tofu and vegetables that aren’t pork flavored.”
“Ha! Are you a vegan?”
“Not at all. Cheese is my best friend.”
He stroked my hip. “So, how do I replace cheese?”
“Depends on how good this corn is.”
“Then let’s eat.”

Friday, April 19, 2013

Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop: Part 29-A

It’s safe to say that after my extended lunch with no food, I was starving by the time my shift ended. As I made up my mind to head to Crisp in Plaza Midwood, my phone rang and it was David. For whatever reason, I was sure that I wouldn’t hear from him again today. I thought we’d do that dance that people did after a day of sex. Color me surprised and happy. But when I answered the phone, I played it cool. “Hello?”
“What’s up, Mimi?”
God, his voice made me wet or was it the fact that I knew what he could do with those lips and that tongue. “Hi,” I said, glad he couldn’t see the dorky ass smile on my face.
“I still owe you a meal. Do you have dinner plans?”
“I was just about to go grab a salad at Crisp.”
“A salad? For dinner?”
“Yes. What’s wrong with that?”
“Are you a vegan?”
“Just a bootleg vegetarian,” I said honestly. Since I’ve been in Charlotte, I had gone to get chicken from the famed Chicken Coop in South End. Honestly, I wasn’t that impressed. People love it and swear by it though. God, don’t let him suggest that place, I thought as he said he knew the perfect spot for dinner that would consist of more than a salad.
“I promise, it will be worth your while.”
“And we’re actually going to eat this time, right?”
“Funny. We’re going to eat first, what comes next –might just be you all over again.”
I didn’t care where he wanted to eat as long as the evening ended with me doing exactly what he said – coming all over again.
“Well, I’m still at work, do you want to meet at the spot?”
“You know the way,” he said. “I cooked.”
“You said that at lunch and I’m still starving. Satisfied, but starving.”
“I really did cook, steamed Tilapia, spinach and grilled corn on the cob.”
Fish is certainly not my favorite dish (all apologies to Rakim), but I agreed anyway. I guess it was time for round two.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Oh Mark . . .

Former South Carolina governor Mark Sanford must have fallen and bumped his head -- again.
Let's not forget that when he mounted his political comeback that he asked his ex wife, Jenny, to be his campaign manager. That's the first sign that something fell on that wide forehead of his.

Now, Sanford is all up in the news because he trespassed at his ex's house on Feb. 3 to watch the Super Bowl with his sons. The same sons he left on Father's Day of 2009 to hike the Appalachian Trail --we all know now that means he went to go bang his girlfriend in Argentina. I mean, his now fiancee. (Girl, you better remember how you get 'em is how you lose 'em.)

Former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford's ex-wife has accused him of trespassing at her home in violation of their divorce settlement, and a judge set a hearing two days after the Republican will stand for election in his effort to mount a political comeback by winning a vacant congressional seat.
Jenny Sanford confirmed Tuesday that court documents from family court acquired by The Associated Press outlining the complaint were authentic.
They show a judge has ordered Republican Mark Sanford to appear for a hearing next month, two days after he faces Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch in a special election for the state's 1st District congressional seat.
The complaint says Jenny Sanford confronted the former governor leaving her Sullivans Island home on Feb. 3 by a rear door, using his cell phone for a flashlight. Her attorney filed the complaint the next day.
The couple's 2010 divorce settlement says neither may enter the other's home without permission. Mark Sanford lives about a 20-minute drive away from Sullivans Island in downtown Charleston.
Jenny Sanford said the complaint, and the timing of the hearing, has nothing to do with her husband's attempt to rebuild his political career by winning the congressional seat he held for three terms in the 1990s.
The complaint was filed in February and a family court judge last month set the May 9 hearing date where Sanford will have to show cause why he should not be held in contempt for violating the couple's divorce settlement.
"I am doing my best not to get in the way of his race," Jenny Sanford, who for a time considered running herself, told the AP. "I want him to sink or swim on his own. For the sake of my children I'm trying my best not to get in the way, but he makes things difficult for me when he does things like trespassing."
I like your style, Jenny. Keep on taking the high road and holding this guy accountable. It's interesting that he wanted to watch the Super Bowl at his ex's house -- what you don't have that new HD TV? It's even more astounding that he has the gall to think this crap is OK. Was it OK to leave your kids alone on Father's Day while you hung out with your "soul mate" on the taxpayer's dime? I know in my heart of hearts that this fool didn't spend penny of Jenny's money to go see Maria.
Jenny Sanford didn't play the Good Wife and stand with Mark when he admitted to being a lying bastard. And she gets props for making him take care of his kids.

In December of 2011, she brought another complaint against her former husband saying Sanford not made the $5,000 yearly contribution for one of their sons' college education. Jenny Sanford said that issue has now been resolved and declined to comment further.
If anyone in South Carolina puts this fool back in office -- even the office of the dog catcher -- they get what they deserve. Hell, the national GOP is jumping off this sinking ship.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Waiting For The Other Shoe to Drop: Part 28

I’ve read books where women describe seeing colors while having sex. Rainbows exploding in the background and stars flashing before their eyes. Ask me what I thought about that five minutes ago and I would’ve told you bullshit. Ask me now, while I’m seeing blue diamonds explode while David pounds me with relentless passion. Yeah, that’s real. I can’t count the number of times I’ve screamed or the number of orgasms.
My body had never felt such pleasure and ached with such a wonderful pain. The pain of satisfaction and sated need to stop. Was this man popping Viagra or Cialis? We’d been going hard for an hour. It was getting hard to breathe, hard to keep my legs wrapped around him. Obviously there is a limit on the number of orgasms I’m supposed to have in an hour. He looked down at me with those eyes and kissed me on my neck. That was it.  My body went limp as he shook with his release.
David held me against his sweaty chest. He still smelled amazing, OK, pheromones were real and his were freaking amazing. My body twitched, wanting him more. But I was unable to move and when he kissed me, I felt another explosion between my thighs.
“Amazing,” he whispered as our lips parted. “Simply amazing.”
“Yes, you were,” I intoned.
“I hate to let you go back to work, I want more.”
“I can’t feel my legs.”
“That’s a good thing—or do I need to call 9-1-1?”
Laughing, I tried sit up, but David held me against his massive chest.  I didn’t move, just stared into those whisky brown eyes. Hypnotic. “You know,” I said. “You still owe me lunch.”
“Let’s make it dinner and breakfast, tonight.”
How could I saw no?
I was a half hour late returning to work and I prayed no one saw what was really going on with me. I strained to hear the whispers, just in case someone put two and two together. Then Sonia called me into her office. Busted.
“How was lunch?” she asked with a sly smile on her face.
Tuning away from her, I smiled and said, “Sorry I’m late.”
“That’s not a problem. I guess you stopped seeing David as my cousin and what not.”
“You could say that.”
“I don’t want to know and I don’t want whatever you two are doing to influence your work or our relationship. I’m going to have this same conversation with him.”
“I understand and I .  .  .”
Sonia raised her hand to quiet me. “Like I said, I don’t want to know. I don’t want either of you to put me in a position where I have to take sides or know personal things that I shouldn’t know.”
“Understood,” I said then stood up and nodded at my boss and mentor.
“Glad you got a life though. And you might want to stop by the restroom and put your shirt on outside in.”