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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve wedding

I often imagine what my parents' wedding was like. It was winter and my dad, Freddie, was still recovering from a gunshot wound that he'd suffered in the Vietnam War. He'd been recovering at the hospital in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

My dad was 82nd Airborne. A hero who'd volunteered to go to war instead of being drafted. But, before he went off to war, he met Doris Smith. She stole his heart and if you let him tell it, they fell in love under a country moon by a tall pine tree.

But I like my grandmother's story better. A friend of my Dad's had a crush on my mother, but he didn't have a car. So, he asked his buddy to drive him to see his girl. When my Dad walked in my grandmother's house with old boy, my grandmother told the friend, "You shouldn't bring someone around who's this handsome when you come courting."

The next time my Dad drove out to my Mom's house, he was alone and the romance began. Then he was shipped off to war.
My mother sent him care packages and pictures of her in some of the best outfits ever. She even signed the pictures as if she was Ms. Lola Falana!
My mother was (and still is) beautiful. I imagine when he opened those boxes, he smiled and even kissed the picture know what was waiting for him on the other side of the war.

Then he was shot.
A shoulder injury that took him out of active duty. An injury that could've ended his life. War is hell, but he survived. And she wasn't going to let him out of her life. They were getting married the first chance that they got.

That chance came on Christmas Eve, 1967. They stood in my grandmother's house, my mother dressed in a beautiful white dress. I imagine it was as pure as a freshly fallen dusting of snow. Dad, stood there watching her walking toward him. Her happiness radiating like the bright lights of the Christmas tree in the corner.

They take each other's hands and share a quick kiss.
That's how I imagine that day 49 years ago. And just like the Jenkins's, they're still together!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sample Sunday: Hot Undercover Bosses coming July 5th

Twelve of the top voices in Romance have come together to create the box set of the summer!

Today, take a sneak peek at Barbara Keaton's novella, Clean Up Love. 
He didn’t want her to slap him, but he wanted to taste her – just a little bit – to feel the softness of her lips.  Her eyes shut just as he lowered his head and took her lips with his.  He heard the moan the minute his touched hers as he began to slowly ply her mouth open so that he could show her the promise. 

Get this box set now here are the pre-order links! 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sample Sunday: Hot Undercover Bosses Box Set, coming July 5th

Twelve of the top voices in Romance have come together to create the box set of the summer!
 Hot Undercover Bosses
Today, take a sneak peek at Aja's novella, Breaking Her Rules. 

We need to talk.
She placed her phone back down on the honey wood bar, ignoring Troy’s plea for a conversation, when a movement to her right caught her eye. Everything about this man was gorgeous from his height, his broad shoulders, to his swagger that she could pick up just from his slow walk and he was looking directly at her like they had planned on meeting in this location and he was running a bit late and was coming to make it up to her. And as she continued to stare back, she realized she wouldn’t have minded being here waiting for him whenever it was convenient for him. The thought made her smile inwardly.
The way he approached her reminded her of a panther’s slow stalking strides, daring her to move from her spot near the bar, almost knowing that if she did, he’d still get to her somehow and that thrilled her.
She figured, based on his formal attire, he was part of the wedding that was indicated on the signs in the lobby area not even one hundred feet from where this bar was situated. Harper/Farrington, the signs read. She wondered who he might be to the couple with his nice charcoal grey tux and the soft lavender tie and handkerchief but whoever he was, he wasn’t the groom or else he wouldn’t be here looking at her like he had plans and those plans involved her; so that was promising.
Some years ago, she would have just dispensed with all the small talk other good girls went through before finally doing the thing they really wanted to do, and that was to be screwed; but this wasn’t a few years ago. Nowadays, she took a few rules from the good girl handbook that Sofiya, her sister, shared with her, to avoid some of the drama she was known for with her uninhibited behavior in her past.
But that was the past. The future or present, as it were, was standing right here getting ready to say something smooth. She just knew it.
But he didn’t say anything smooth. It was just, “Hey.” 
Not sure how else to respond, she responded with, “Hey.” 
And that made him smile. Goodness, she thought. He has dimples too.
They were the kind you didn’t know a person had until they decided to share them with the unsuspecting party by smiling and that made them the best kind. It was a surprise. She had always thought those deep grooves in people’s cheeks that that stayed there even when there was no smile, well it made their faces—interesting, but those indentations almost ruined the effect. But his, they were delightful and seemed to be for only her at that moment.
“So,” he started, “Truth is, I was trying really hard to think of something smooth to say on the way over here, but I’m ashamed to say that I couldn’t come up with anything. So I thought that I’d just ask if you would like to dance with me.”
That made her look around the sandy alcove where the little bar was set up and nope, there was no dance floor, so she looked back at him with amusement. 
Stating the obvious, she said, “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but uh, there’s no place to dance and,” Savanah paused to make it clear she was listening for something with the tilt of her pretty head, “There really is no music playing.”
He got closer before sitting down on the stool next to her, giving her a brief smile. 
“There’s a wedding reception being held around the corner from here. That’s where we’d dance.” 
The emphasis he placed on we’d dance made her shiver a little. There was something behind the word that didn’t just make her think of music and moving her body to the rhythm of the beat. No, the rhythm she was thinking of was the type they would create to the chorus of her screams and hopefully his groaning.
Excusing her nasty pre-rules Savanah thoughts, she looked down at her sundress; casual, yellow and strapless, with thong sandals that were more appropriate for walking along the sandy beach than for crashing a wedding reception.
“I don’t think I’m properly dressed for a reception,” she pointed out to the gorgeous stranger who hadn’t stopped staring at her as if he had so many plans for her.
“It’s my brother’s wedding and you’d be with me, so you’d be dressed perfectly.”
He had a way of dominating her without her submission and that was intriguing, because she was used to being the one in charge. She was a manager of an advertising company and she usually had no less than thirty people reporting to her, looking for her direction and approval, not the other way around. 
She took the last sip of her drink, and then she looked back at him and his patience, which she decided was even more intriguing. 
Savanah took a moment to decide which Savanah should take the lead in this situation. Uninhibited freaky pre-rules Savanah wanted to forget dancing, forget the rules and screw him, right here, right now. But, new good girl Savanah thought that maybe it would be better to have the aforementioned small talk and get to know what kind of man he was. She settled for the combination.  
“So you don’t mind that we’ll be the center of attention.” It was a statement.
He smiled and then he stood up. 
“I’m sure that you’re the center of attention in every room you go in.” 
He extended his hand almost as if it was a requirement that she accept and go anywhere he wished.
Savanah slid off the stool and she accepted his hand. His palm was warm, his hand big enough to envelope hers, making her feel soft, feminine and cared for. She didn’t know this man, but there was something about him that made her want to find out.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sample Sunday Hot Undercover Bosses Box set coming July 5th!

Twelve of the top voices in Romance have come together to create the box set of the summerHot Undercover Bosses

Today, Deatri King-Bey shares a sneak peek of her novella, Someone To Hold.

The elevator doors opened and the view improved exponentially. Who was this fine specimen of manhood before her? A big girl, Jordan liked a man who could hold her when they had vertical sex. The last thing she needed to worry about was breaking her neck in the shower. And that he held her gaze as they walked onto the elevator—another check for the plus column. 

“Good evening, ladies.” Without taking his eyes off Jordan, he bowed his head slightly and held out his hand to her. 
Thick fingers and no ring or tan line had her imagining those fingers entering her. Maybe Monica was right and she needed a toy, she mused. It had only been a few weeks since her last sexual interlude and here she was ready to drop her panties for Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome. She heard the elevator doors close behind them. 

“I’m Evan. Evan Locke.”

Accepting his outstretched hand, she bowed her head slightly, but maintained eye contact. Penetrating brown eyes, lit with a fire of desire, she couldn’t stop looking into them even if she’d wanted to. “I’m Jordan Smith and this is my sister Monica.”

“Pleasure to meet you both.” Still holding Jordan’s hand, he undressed her with his eyes. “Are you my new neighbor?” 

“I hope so.” Firm grip without squeezing the blood from her hand, this man knew how to restrain his power, and she loved it. 

“Excuse me,” Monica interrupted, “but are you married?”
Jordan shot Monica the “don’t start” look. She’d gone thirty-five years without her sister’s assistance in finding a man and done perfectly fine. She didn’t need her help now.

“No, ma’am.” He released Jordan’s hand. “I’m not currently married, but I’ve been divorced twice.” He returned his attention to Jordan. “I do not currently have a girlfriend either.”

“What about a boyfriend?”

Horrified, Jordan pinched Monica where her future back fat would be.

“Dammit, Shooshoo!” Hand on the edge of her mid-back, she spun around. “That hurt!”

“Good. It was supposed to.”

Chuckling, Evan calmly said, “It’s okay. My sisters are just as protective of me. No, Miss Monica, I do not have a boyfriend either. I’m strictly heterosexual. Anymore questions?”

Monica eased two arms lengths away from Jordan. “How old are you and do you have children?”

“I know where you live, Princess. Keep it up.”

“I’m forty-three and these gray hairs are a result of raising a son and daughter who are currently in college. Anything else?”

She’d missed the gray near the tips of his ears. How dashing! 

The door slid open. “That will be it for now.” Monica looped her arm around Jordan’s. “It was nice meeting you, Evan.”

“It was nice meeting you both. I’ll see you around, Jordan.”

“I look forward to it.” She offered a polite nod, then exited the elevator and turned toward the corridor that led to the main lobby. She glanced over her shoulder. Evan watched her a few seconds longer, then headed in the opposite direction toward the parking garage. 

Entering the complex’s main lobby, the sisters broke into a fit of giggles. 

“For a second there, I thought you’d rip the man’s clothes off. Don’t get me wrong, I am pro elevator sex, but I’d never do it for an audience. I’m scared of you.” 

Jordan had no idea what had come over her. She’d been attracted to men before, but to be so brazen. She laughed. “I’m scared of me, too. But that was fun.”

Sample Sunday: Hot Undercover Boss Boxset coming July 5th

Here is the second sample from the highly anticipated box set, Hot Undercover Bosses.
Keith Thomas Walker brings you Hotline Fling and hot doesn't even begin to describe this story! Pre Order your copy today! 

As Reggie took in everything he was seeing and attempted to rationalize what was clearly irrational behavior, Sonya uncrossed her legs and attempted to spread them.  Her pencil skirt was a hindrance.  She stood briefly and raised the garment to her ass before sitting down again.  This time she could spread her legs.  A few beads of sweat dotted Reggie’s forehead as his eyes were drawn to her oasis.  He expected to see red panties that matched her bra.
His beautiful vixen wore no panties at all.
Reggie had seen her neatly trimmed kitty many times before – but he’d never seen it at work.  Certainly not on his desktop.  There was so much wrong with the whole scenario, he couldn’t decide what to complain about first.
“You, you don’t have any panties on,” he muttered.
“I know.”  She planted her hands on the desk and leaned back slightly.  “Isn’t that something?”
“What, what happened to them?”
Out of all the questions he could’ve asked, she didn’t expect that.  “I have them right here in my purse,” she replied.  “Why, Reggie?  Do you want them?”
“It was, I was wondering if you came to work with no panties.”
“Why?” she asked with a chuckle.  “Are you jealous?  My face is up here, by the way.”
He grinned as he looked up at her.  “You spread your legs on my desk and then complain that I’m not giving you eye contact?  You got some nerve.”
Sonya continued to grin.  She bit down on her bottom lip.
“But to answer your questions,” he said, “yes, I’m jealous.  And yes, I want your panties.”
She laughed and retrieved them from her purse.  “Here.”
She tossed them at his face.  He let them bounce off his nose and fall into his lap.  Sonya watched as he slipped them into his front pocket.
“What are you gonna do with those?”
“They’re mine now,” he commented.  “Not your business.”
“Oh.  Okay.”
“And… I don’t think we should do this here,” he told her.
“I know.  I knew you’d say that.”
“But you’re trying to seduce me anyway?”
“It’s my last day,” she complained.  “And it’s my fantasy.”
“You have a lot of fantasies,” he noticed.


Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sample Sunday: Hot Undercover Bosses Box set coming July 5th

Twelve of the top voices in Romance have come together to create the box set of the summer! Hot Undercover Bosses

Today, I'm sharing a sample of my novella, Hard For The Money.  Make sure you PreOrder today! 

            Briana smiled at the sign sitting on the front desk, Winter Wonderland Masquerade Ball. She’d created this party three years ago. A place for vacationing snowbirds to cut loose and wear something other than heavy coats and mittens. Most of the partiers were known to show up in elaborate masks and barely-there bathing suits or body-hugging dresses that left little to the imagination. Briana remembered the winter that she and Kevin had stopped in to attend the party. The sexy atmosphere had reminded her of a naughty Mardi Gras. Kevin hadn’t been as impressed, telling his then wife if people knew this was going on at this resort, it would affect their family-friendly places.
            Briana didn’t agree, then or now. She couldn’t wait for the ball and figured attending would calm her down before her meeting with the asshole who thought she was going to run her empire with him. Been there, done that. She was the boss, and it was going to stay that way. Taking a deep breath, she headed for the gift shop to take stock of the inventory and find something to wear for the ball.
            Briana was impressed by the store and the staff, who were friendly and helpful. They’d obviously taken note of her strict customer service guidelines. Part of her wondered if the new guy planned to keep her staff in tact. She would hate to see these women out on the street looking for work when they’d been so nice to her. The gold bikini and five-inch stiletto sandals they’d insisted she try on had been a hit. Briana probably would’ve gone with a one-piece, but Lauren, her salesperson, said when in South Beach, you couldn’t go wrong with a bikini.
            As she glanced at herself in the mirror, Briana knew Lauren was right. Since her divorce, Briana had taken up boxing over traditional therapy to work through her anger issues. Even if she and Kevin hadn’t been happy during the last year of their marriage, he was still her first love and used to be her best friend. It hurt that she’d lost her friend more than losing her husband. And as much as she wanted to blame his new wife, Kevin had a mind of his own and he’d thrown their friendship away. She was tired of losing things and this resort was the last straw. This she would fight for—tomorrow. Tonight, she was going to be sexy and have a great time.
            With her bags in tow, Briana headed back to her room. As she crossed the lobby, she caught the eye of an Adonis. The man was breathtaking: dark chocolate, bald-headed, with a goatee seasoned with gray hair. But it was the eyes that made her slow her gait. A bright mix of blue and green that made his face sparkle. And that body, looking as if it had been cut from mystical ebony wood.
            “Hello,” he said, his voice deep and seductive.
            “Hi.” Briana hoped she didn’t sound like a squeaky wheel.
            “Are you going to this?” He pointed to the sign.
            She held up her bag. “Got my outfit ready. But you’re not going to be able to find me.”
            “Yes, I will. I’m going to be looking for my dance.”
            Briana chuckled. “Well, if you find me, I’ll give you a dance you’ll never forget.”
            “I’m holding you to that, beautiful,” he said with a wink.
            Briana tried to ignore the moisture pooling between her thighs as she walked to the elevator. Who was this man? And how was she going to make sure he found her at the ball?

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Week 2: Summer, Summer, Summer Reading (list)

It's week two of your summer vacation, or maybe you've taken a Staycation. Either way, you need some good books and I've got a few suggestions for you!

You can never ever go wrong with a Brenda Jackson book.

Her latest book is Possessed by Passion.

Back Blurb:

They're discovering the healing powers of passion 
Burned-by-love architect Hunter McKay came home to Phoenix to open her own firm, not rekindle her fleeting high school romance with playboy Tyson Steele. But when she runs into the sexy surgeon at a nightclub—and he unleashes that legendary Steele charm—Hunter fears she's headed straight for heartbreak once again. 
Tyson hasn't forgotten the one who got away. A weeklong fling should be just enough to get the sultry beauty out of his system for good, even if he has to let Hunter set the ground rules. But the rules are suddenly changing for the no-strings bachelor. Can Tyson convince this sensual woman that he's the real deal—that they deserve a second chance together?

Elle Wright brings you to the edge of scandal with her latest novel, Her Kind of Man.

 Back Blurb: 

When Mr. Right is oh so wrong
I'll never let you go . . . Allina had always dreamed of hearing those words. But when her fiancĂ©, Isaac, utters them, it isn't a promise-it's a threat. Scared and confused, with only moments before the wedding, Allina knows what she must do. Forget walking down the aisle; it's time to run. Back to Michigan. Back to Kent.

Kent has loved Allina for longer than he can remember. Out of respect for their friendship, he's never crossed the line, but when she turns up on his doorstep wearing her torn, tearstained wedding gown, the fire inside him ignites. He'll do whatever it takes to make Allina feel safe-like the beautiful, desirable woman she is. But as Kent and Allina grow closer, and their passion pushes deeper, it's clear that something bigger than a botched wedding still lingers between them . . .

Lena Hart is an Amazon bestseller and there is a reason for that. Check out her book, Because This is Forever.

Back Blurb: 

The decision that tore them apart... 
Former hopeless romantic, Mia Trent, is crushed when the love of her life, Nate McArthur, reveals that he doesn’t want to get married—or have children. But it’s too late. Mia is already pregnant and her dream of “happily ever after” is sharply put to an end when she decides to keep her pregnancy a secret, refusing to force him into a life he doesn’t want. 

The compromise that made them a family... 
Five years later, Mia must reach out to Nate for help or risk losing her home and shelter for their son. Stunned and outraged by the sudden news of his child, Nate proposes a compromise: give him the summer to get to know his son and he’ll save her home. Yet with Mia back in his life, Nate isn’t willing to lose her—or their son—again. What starts off as a temporary arrangement soon becomes a chance at rediscovery and becoming a family. Only Nate must convince his jaded dreamer that his love for her is true…and will last now and forever. 

Original publication October 2013. Re-released under a new publisher.

Jacki Kelly has the ultimate travel book! Check out the first in her Baptiste Family books, Packed and Ready To Go.

Back Blurb: 

Tracy Baptiste devoted her life to satisfying everyone but herself. Now it’s her turn and nothing is falling into place. Her daughter is marrying and moving away. Her husband is self-absorbed and callous. Her friends are preoccupied with their lives. This is not what she’s bargained for. Can daydreaming about her sexy Italian co-worker help her escape the disappointment? 

Walter Baptiste’s job is in jeopardy and he’s bored at home. He’s found an acceptable outlet and she’s half his age and twice as fun. Playing house is the distraction he needs until the reality turns out to be more than he’s bargained for. 

While Walter’s house of lies crumbles, can Tracy find the courage to follow her instincts and put her life back together? 

Summer is just heating up, stay tuned for more hot reads! And sound off in the comments on what you're reading! 

Monday, June 6, 2016

My nightmare night with Apple

It all started with a tweet. 
Saturday I took my Apple Watch to the Genius bar in Northlake Mall. I made an online appointment two days prior because the back of the watch had come loose. I was freaking out about it because I've only had the watch since September. 

My appointment was at 5:30. I arrived 15 minutes early, so I expected to wait. 5:30 came and I was still waiting while walk in customers were being serviced. I was annoyed. 

I tweeted this: 

  1. And the walk in people get helped before you. Northlake Mall
  2. When you show up 15 minutes early for your appointment and the time comes but you are still waiting.

    Sunday night, at 10 p.m., I received a call from a blocked number and the person on the other line said he was from the Apple Social Media department. Wanted to talk about the tweets. I asked him if he knew what time it was, it's Sunday night, I'm preparing for work and I don't have time or energy to sit on the phone with you. 

    He says: "So, I'll just say the issues has been cleared up and you're a dumb bitch." 
    Everything went black and I called him all kinds of sons of a bitch and  motherfuckers! I took back to Twitter and tweeted this: 

    So, calls my phone after 10 p.m, punk ass representative called me a dumb bitch. This is not going to stand.

    Then I called Apple. Got a case number from Apple Customer Care, 1119631627. Told the representative the situation and what not. Done, right? Investigation getting ready to take place, right?
    Phone rings at 1:47 a.m., it's the Apple Support 800 number on Caller ID. The person on the other line says his name is Blake. Blake goes one to say no one called you. You are profane, your books are trash. We don't want to be associated with you and your filth. Take down your fucking tweets or we will consider this harassment. (Excuse me, you're calling me at nearly 2 a.m. and you're being harassed?)
    He went on to say, got to Samsung and return all of your Apple products to the store because we are repossessing them. He called me a bitch and I said, so is your mother.

    Being that Apple corporate is in California, I had to wait until 11 a.m. to call them. And I honestly have to say the lady "tried" to work with me. She contacted their social media department and said we don't have anyone working that late. So we attempted to get the calls traced by my cell phone carrier and the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police. Here comes the run around.

    Sprint said: We don't trace calls, we have to have law enforcement contact us.
    CMPD (rudely) said: We don't trace harassing phone calls. We have to get that from Apple. Anytime we need a trace, we have to come through y'all.
    Apple Corporate: We can't trace calls, we were told from the carrier that we need to contact law enforcement.
    Me: Wow, this has been so helpful.
    CMPD: I know, I know.
    Apple: There's nothing more we can do. You can block the number.
    Me: Yeah and I'm going to get rid of this phone. The last person who called me at nearly 2 a.m. knew too much about this case not to be an Apple employee.
    Apple: I've gotten calls from someone claiming to be from the IRS saying if you don't pay this money you're going to jail.
    Me: Have a good day, lady.