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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas !!

It's Christmas Day!

I hope you are having the best day ever.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!



Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Confessions of a Marriage Robin Hood. . .Part Three

"Why are you doing this to me?" 
"I'd like to think that I'm doing this for you. The next woman you meet on that site might be crazy."
His cold stare said, like you're not. But he had the good sense not to let his mouth repeat it. "What do you want from me?"
"Let's start with why are you cheating on your wife, who you claim to love so much?"
"That's none of your damned business!"
Tilting my head to the side, I wished I had something to throw at him. "You made it my business when you responded to my message. Again, why are you on that site? Didn't you build a career around your family man reputation?"
"How do you know these things?" The incredulous look on his face, coupled with him being naked was priceless. I should've snapped a picture. But I just smiled. "Do you see how easy it is to find out what a man has to lose? Yet, you solicit ass online as if you're a single man."
He sputter, trying to figure out some retort. "My wife sent you. That bitch is . . ."
"Those only bitch I see here is you! Put your clothes on, you're making me sick. You look like a side of pork!"
He ran back into the bathroom and I started to feel my courage wane. How was I going to get the money? I hadn't set up an off shore account or anything. Before I put my plan on ice, a fully dressed Wendell walked into the room. "There is an ATM downstairs and I have a fifty-thousand dollar withdrawal limit."
"That's good for now."
"For now?!"
"There will be a ten thousand dollar fee for every day your profile is on that site."
"This is extortion, black mail and I don't . . ."
"Have a fucking choice unless you want the world to know what a freak you are. Now, be a good little boy and get my money."
When he left, I started thinking, what if he came back with the police? What if he came back with a gun So, when the door opened, I thought two things were going to happen — either I was going to get killed or go to jail.
Instead, Wendell walked in with my money. "Good job," I said with a confident smile that belied how I really felt. "Make sure you take that profile down tonight, your wife will appreciate that." I slapped his cheek with a gentle force then walked out of the room. That had been too easy and I was sure it would only get easier.
So, yes, I trolled the web site, I installed facial recognition software on my computers and when a self righteous son of a bitch popped up, I put on my butt pads and headed to the assigned meeting places. I'd learned from my first encounter with old Wendall, I had an off shore account where my money was wired. I also took incriminating pictures that would end up on social media and mailed to wives in twenty four hours if my money never made it into my account. 
One fool tried to test me and I enjoyed taking him down. And that is when I knew I had crossed the line.  

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Angie Daniels Collection

Sassy, creative and the owner of one amazing shoe collection, it's no wonder that Angie Daniels is an award winning author. It has to be the shoes and the fact that when she tells a story, you are engulfed in flames because it's so hot. Christmas is right around the corner and if you're in need of a last minute gift for the reader on your list, you can't go wrong with any title by Angie Daniels! 


When It Rains
Love Uncovered
When I First Saw You
In the Company of My Sistahs
Trouble Loves Company
Careful of the Company You Keep
Feinin’ (Big Spankable Asses Anthology)


Intimate Intentions
Hart & Soul
Time is of the Essence
A Will to Love


Endless Enchantment
Destiny In Disguise
The Second Time Around
The Playboy’s Proposition
The Player’s Proposal
For You I Do
Before I Let You Go


In Her Neighbor’s Bed
Show Me
Any ManWill Do
Coming for My Baby
Strutting in Red Stilettos 
Running to Love in Pink Stilettos
Say My Name
Every Second Counts
A Beau for Christmas
Do Me Baby
Naughty Before Christmas

Monday, December 16, 2013

Confessions of a Marriage Robin Hood . . . Part Two

After he sent me the instructions for how to get into the hotel room and everything, I headed to a wig store and purchased a long black hair piece to cover my auburn afro. I was tempted to get some of those cosmetic contact lenses, but I wasn’t ready to put my eyes in danger for something that might not work. Still, when I'd looked at my checking and savings accounts and saw that I had about enough money to make it through the month, I knew I had to make this scheme work. 
Now, I like to think of myself as a shapely woman. I have hips and strong thighs. But my booty. Well, let's just say Bootylicious is not my theme song. And there was no way I could fool Wendell without help. So that's why I called Beth. Let me be clear, Beth had nothing to do with anything I did. All she did was help create my ass. Let me explain, Beth is a costume designer. She's worked on Broadway but when her mother got sick, she moved back to Charlotte to help out. She is innocent. 
I lied to her. Told her that I was going to audition for a role in a play that a new Queen City acting troupe was developing. So, she made butt pads and as me to get her a job on the wardrobe crew. And of course, I told her that I would. When I put on the pads, my spandex cat suit and the wig, I barely recognized myself. 
This was going to be epic. Heading to the hotel, I had a camera, a ball gag and blindfolds. My plan was simple -- get Mr. Family Values in pictures that he'd pay handsomely to make sure they didn't end up on the Internet. And maybe he'd be smart enough to take his profile off that website. After all, today was going to be a cautionary tale. 
      The keys were at the front desk as he promised. The desk clerk didn't even give me a second look when she handed me the envelope. I guess this was second nature to her. It made me wonder how many men in Charlotte were actually cheating on their wives in this hotel right now. 
     Let me be real clear right now,I love love. I believe when people take vows it should be forever. But. . .if you're stupid enough to log on to a website to have an affair then I think you get what you deserve. Someone like me.

   I walked into the room and there was soft jazz, more specifically Kenny G, playing in the background. Really? Kenny. Damn. G! You'd think a man with an ass fetish would've had some 2 Live Crew or Lil Kim going on. 
    "Hello." I added a husky timbre to my voice. My camera was in my hand and when Wendell walked out of the bathroom -- naked and holding a jar of Vaseline -- I couldn't have been happier. 
    "What the hell are you doing?" he growled.
     "I bet your wife will ask the same thing when she sees these pictures. And the board at the bank. What do you think they're going to say?"
   "Who the fuck are you?" he stammered.
    "That depends on how much this memory card is worth to you. For the right price and you deleting that profile, I could be a figment of your imagination. But if you don't give me what I want, which is money, not that flabby thing under your belly, them I'm going to be your worse nightmare."
      It was that moment when I really became a criminal.

Confessions of a Marriage Robin Hood

                Nobody wants to be a criminal. But sometimes circumstances force you to do things you wouldn’t normally do. That’s not an excuse, that’s the truth. If you’re hungry and there’s food on an unattended plate, you’re a big liar if you say you won’t eat it.
                Well, in the summer of 2013, I was hungry and I had to eat. Crime wasn’t my first choice, but it was certainly my last resort. Honestly, I don’t think what I did was a crime. Sure, people got hurt, but I didn’t kill anyone. Yet, I’m somehow responsible. Whatever.
                Like most things in this digital age, Facebook started all of this. I had been laid off from my job at one of the city’s large banks. While I sat on my sofa uploading my resume to a career web site, this ad popped up on my Internet browser. Married and Dating.
                I wasn’t married, but I was curious. Who were the people on this site? I ignored the ad for a few days, but every time I logged on to my computer, it popped up. Curiosity got the best of me, so I clicked the pop up, signed up for a free account and browsed. The number of married men and women on the site looking for a “discreet hook up,” floored me. Then I saw him, an executive from the very company that fired me.
                Wendell Pearson, bank vice president. He had been Mr. Family Values at work, but here he was looking for a woman who enjoyed anal sex. At first, it was funny. Then a thought crossed my mind, what if I sent him a message. Would he recognize a woman who he’d laid off? Didn’t he realize that he had a lot to lose by being on a site like this? I, on the other hand, had nothing to lose. So, I paid the forty dollars to become a full member of the site and then I sent him a message. Honestly, I didn’t expect a response from him.
                He responded in twenty minutes with one question: Do you like to get fucked in your ass?
                Of course, I took a screen shot of the message before replying, yes. I. Do.
                I’d done online dating before, the normal kind. This log on for immediate sex was revolting and dangerous in the age of HIV and other sexual transmitted infections. And Mr. Family Values didn’t even say hello.
                His next message asked for a picture – of my ass. Thanks to Google images, I sent him a nice black ass he could get excited about. And it worked because he wanted to meet me that night at a swanky downtown hotel. I agreed.
                And I guess this is where the crime part started.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Loretta R. Walls Collection

Loretta R. Walls is a boss. She took her publishing journey into her own hands and built an empire. 
Through her Internet savvy and her amazing writing, Loretta R. Walls has readers clamoring for the next book.
Loretta R. Walls is also the sweetest person you ever want to meet and a Dallas Cowboys fan! It gets no better! 
So, if you need to fill the readers on your list iPad or Kindle or Nook with good books, check these titles out.

Spices of Life
A Fantasy of Love
Rendezvous 2: Nieva's Dilemma
The Majestic Dynasty

Embue: (No Other Love Series)

No Other Love
Reckless: Arden's Aftermath
More Than Friends
Connections (Coming December 24, 2013)

Tell me again that Jameis Winston is a victim

This dude, Jameis Winston won the Heisman on Saturday night. 
And this sexual assualt case was suppose to ruin his life. 
Tell me that one again. 

But his victim is probably shaking in her boots.
Girl bye! 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Deborah Fletcher Mello Collection

Deborah Fletcher Mello is prolific. Her books are like movies that you can't wait to see over and over again. And when the book ends, you're pretty choked up because you want more. I've had the pleasure of hanging out with Deborah Fletcher Mello many times and she's always a joy to be around. The reader on your gift list wil have a multitude of stories to choose from, and not just romance. 

 The Boudreaux Family Series
Hearts Afire - Coming February 2014
Truly Yours
Passionate Premiere
The Stallion's Series
Forever A Stallion
Seduced By A Stallion
Promises To A Stallion
Lost In A Stallion's Arms
Tame A Wild Stallion
To Love A Stallion
Best Friends Series
Always Means Forever
Love in the Lineup
The Right Side of Love
Standalone Romance Titles
In The Light of Love
Forever and a Day
A Love For All Time
Take Me To Heart
Kensington Dafina Titles
Craving Temptations (Just Desserts Series) - Coming October 2014
The Sweetest Thing (Just Desserts Series) - Coming March 2014
All I Want Is You with Kayla Perrin
MaGregor Press Literary Titles
Love Eats
Graye* (A haunting Southern tale that stays with you!)
Rested Waters

The ReShonda Tate Billingsley Collection

It is rare to meet a lady like Bestselling author ReShonda Tate Billingsley. She's smart, funny and a great mama. Then you add the fact that she can write her face off to the mix and you have some of the best books ever written. There is drama, love and praise in her works. It's like sitting in on someone's family reunion. For the reader on your Christmas list looking for some real life fiction, you can't go wrong with any of ReShonda Tate Billingsley's books. 

Please note: Fortune & Fame and Real As It Gets are both listed under the appropriate series
Fortune & Fame (collaboration with Victoria Christopher Murray, February 24, 2014)
Real As It Gets (Rumor Central Series, December 31, 2013)
Amos (collaboration with J.D. Mason & Bernice McFadden, Dec 2014)

Most Recent
A Family Affair

The Amen Series 
Say Amen, Again
Let The Church Say Amen-made into a movie/still waiting on a release date
Everybody Say Amen

First Ladies Series (collaboration w/Victoria Christopher Murray)
Sinners & Saints
Friends & Foes
Fortune & Fame (February 24, 2014)

Fiction-Stand Alone 
The Secret She Kept* (This book pulls the veil off something we don't give enough attention to!)
A Good Man is Hard To Find
Holy Rollers
The Devil Is A Lie
Can I Get A Witness
The Pastor’s Wife
I Know I’ve Been Changed
My Brother’s Keeper

Good Girlz Teen Series
Drama Queens
Caught Up In The Drama
Friends ‘Til The End
Fair-Weathered Friends
Getting Even
With Friends Like These
Nothing But Drama
Blessings In Disguise

Rumor Central Series (Teens/Young Adults)
Rumor Central
You Don’t Know Me Like That
Real As It Gets (12/31/13)

Help! I’ve Turned into my Mother
The Motherhood Diaries

Have a Little Faith (Sandra Kitt, J.D. Mason & Jacquelin Thomas)
Four Degrees of Heat (Brenda L. Thomas & Crystal Lacey Winslow)

The Victoria Christopher Murray Collection

The first author I ever had the chance to interview was The fabulous Victoria Christopher Murray. That was over 13 years ago. She was quite inspiring. And that hasn't changed. She lends a helping hand to up and coming authors, while putting out hit after hit! So, if you have a reader on your list who needs inspiration, Victoria Christopher Murray has a book or ten for them!

Please note: Fortune & Fame is listed under the appropriate series
Fortune & Fame (collaboration with ReShonda Tate Billingsley, February 24, 2014)
Forever An Ex (June 2014)

Most Recent
Merry Ex-Mas (Christmas novella, the bridge book between The Ex Files and Forever An Ex)
Never Say Never (USA Today’s book club recommendation)

The Jasmine Series 
A Sin and A Shame
Too Little, Too Late
Lady Jasmine
Sins of the Mother

First Ladies Series (collaboration w/ReShonda Tate Billingsley)
Sinners & Saints
Friends & Foes
Fortune & Fame (February 24, 2014)

Fiction-Stand Alone 
Destiny’s Divas
The Deal, the Dance, and the Devil *(This book will make you think!)
The Ex Files
Grown Folks Business
Truth Be Told
Blessed Assurance

The Divine Divas Teen Series
The Divas (Diamond)
The Divas (India)
The Divas (Veronqie)
The Divas (Aaliyah)

Friday, December 13, 2013

The Michelle Monkou Collection

Best selling author and globe trotting diva Michelle Monkou has a library of books that will appeal to every reader on your Christmas list. From romance to urban fantasy, she does it all with skill, guaranteeing a great read every time.
Also, check her out on USA Today's Happily Ever After blog.

Stella Maris digital self-publishing

Carnival Temptress -- schedule for digital release, March 9, 2013
Finders Keepers -- available on Kindle and Nook, February 2013

Scandal, Secrets & Seduction – available on Kindle and Nook, November 2012

Evernight Publisher

Heir To The Throne (shapeshifter short story) -- Early 2014

Burroughs Publisher

Seducing A Stranger (novella)  - Early 2014

Harlequin’s Kimani Romance

One of A Kind - February 2014
Passionate Game – Spring 2013
Racing Hearts – December 2012
If I Had You – February 2012
The Millionaire's Ultimate Catch -- October 2010
Trail of Kisses -- February 2010
Only in Paradise -- March 2009
Gamble on Love -- October 2008
No One But You -- April 2008
Straight to the Heart -- September 2007
Here & Now -- January 2007
Sweet Surrender -- September 2006

BET Books Arabesque Imprint

Island Rendezvous -- April 2006
Making Promises -- October 2004
Give Love anthology—Someone To Love novella -- October 2003
Finders Keepers -- January 2003; re-edited and digitally reissued in 2013
Open Your Heart -- November 2002; re-edited & digitally reissued in 2012 as Scandal, Secrets & Seduction

The Deatri King-Bey Collection

When a writer can make you fall in love, cheer for or against a killer and tell you how to be a successful author, she is pretty amazing. That's Deatri King-Bey. She has enough diversity in her work to satisfy every reader on your list!

Beauty and the Beast
Broken Promises
Christmas Angel (Second Chances)
Diamond in the Rough
Ebony Angel
If You Only Knew
Love’s Desire (Free Read)
Journey’s End
Santa’s Helper (Write Brothers Series Book II)
Silk Scarves and Apples (Second Chances)
Tease (Write Brothers Series Book IV)
Tell Her How You Feel (Write Brothers Series Book I)
The Drama The Street and the Seduction (Free Read)
The Only Option (Second Chances)
The Other Realm
Third Time’s A Charm (Write Brothers Series Book III)
Trapped In Paradise (Free Read)
Whisper Something Sweet

Suspense (as L. L. Reaper)
Black Widow and the Sandman
Birth of the Black Widow (Free Read)
The Sandman Cometh (Free Read)
Women’s Fiction
Caught Up
Jodie’s Choice
Operation White Rose
Picture Perfect

Become A Successful Author

The Farrah Rochon Collection

She's a woman who loves football. And the way she makes those men move on the field and in the bedroom, makes Farrah Rochon an author you want to share with everyone on your gift list.
The Holmes Brothers Series:
Deliver Me
Release Me
Rescue Me

The New York Sabers Football Series:
Huddle With Me Tonight
I'll Catch You
Field of Pleasure
Pleasure Rush

The Bayou Dreams Series:
A Forever Kind of Love
Always and Forever
Yours Forever (March 2014)
Forever's Promise (April 2014)

The Moments in Maplesville Novella Series:
A Perfect Holiday Fling
A Little Bit Naughty
Just A Little Taste (Jan. 2014)

The Holiday Inn
Holiday Brides
A Very Merry Temptation

Continuity Series:
Delectable Desire (The Drayson's: Sprinkled With Love)
Runaway Attraction (The Hamiltons: Fashioned With Love)

Stand Alones:
In Her Wildest Dreams
The Rebound Guy

-Farrah Rochon
The Bayou Dreams Series:
A Forever Kind of Love
 - Sept. '12
Always and Forever - Jan. '13

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Beverly Jenkins Collection

If history was this sexy and exciting when I was in school, I might have paid attention. When reading the amazing Beverly Jenkins --whether it is a historical or contemporary novel -- you learn a lot. And for the fiesty reader on your list, show her that rowdy women have been making the world spin for centuries!

Night Song                                                    Young Adults
Vivid                                                              Belle, Josephine – reissued                                          
Through the Storm
Taming Jessi Rose *(I think Jessi Rose is my long lost ancestor)
Always and Forever
Before the Dawn
Chance at Love
Edge of Midnight
Edge of Dawn
Something Like Love
Black Lace
Winds of the Storm
Sexy Dangerous
Wild Sweet Love
Deadly Sexy
Bring on the Blessings
Second Helping
Something Old/Something New 
Night Hawk
A Wish and a Prayer
Destiny’s Embrace
Destiny’s Surrender 

Gettin’ Merry 
Cuffed by Candlelight
Rhythms of Love
Holiday Heat
Island for Two
Many of the above titles are available for ereaders and in audio. Please check your favorite book provider for more info.  For recorded books, please check itunes, and

The Iris Bolling Collection

Some people talk about it, but Iris Bolling puts her words into action. A TV series based on her popular book series premieres next year. So, get caught up on the Heart series and for the readers on your list, give them a series that will keep then busy until spring!

Once You’ve Touched The Heart
The Heart of Him
Look Into My Heart
A Heart Divided
A Lost Heart
The Heart
Night of Seduction/Heaven’s Gate
Teach Me
The Pendleton Rule* (Level 1000 sexy!)
The Book of Joshua I - Trust

The Bridget Midway Collection

Erotica, science fiction, Interracial romance and BDSM. Yeah, you can't put Bridget Midway in a box.
She effortlessly crosses genres. You can buy every reader on your list a Bridget Midway book and they won't be disappointed!

"Adam and E-V-E"
That's What Friends Are For
"C-A-I-N and A-B-E-L"
"Silly Fears"
Fascination Street
What White Boyz Want
"Sodom and Gomorrah"
Original Sin
Love My Way* (I absolutely love this book)
Coming Together At Last - Volume 2
Corporate Seduction
Corporate Desires
Corporate Needs
"Casual Fridays"
Licorice Whips
Woman in Chains (coming soon through Phaze Books)

Bridget~An Erotica Author who never goes~Midway!

The Michele Grant Collection

Michele, with one L, Grant can tell a story. Her books put you in the world of the Black and Bougie-- as does her amazing blog! 
So, for the book lover on your Christmas list, check out Michele Grant's collection:

Heard It All Before

White Mocha (Inside the Crush Anthology)

Sweet Little Lies

Pretty Boy Problems

Losing to Win


~Michele Grant

The Cheris Hodges Collection

Need gifts for the reader on your list?
This week, I'm going to submit some of my favorite authors and their collections. Shameless plug, I'm starting with me first. 

1- Revelations* Not available as an ebook

2-Cautious Heart Not available as an ebook

3-A Love of Her Own Not available as an ebook

4-The Business of Love*

5-Second Chances at Love Not available as an ebook

6-Just Can't Get Enough

7-Let's Get It On**

8-More Than He Can Handle*

9-Betting On Love**

**No Other Lover Will Do

**His Sexy Bad Habit

Too Hot for TV

**Recipe for Desire

 Forces of Nature

**Love After War

 The following two novellas are connected to the main characters in Let's Get It On

Maurice and Kenya...The Beginning**

The End of Us?**

Love After War and Too Hot For TV are connected, as well as No Other Lover Will Do.


*--These books are connected, but you don't have to read them in order.

**-This is a family series about two brothers and Betting On Love introduces friends

Monday, December 9, 2013

This double standard. . .

A young college man is supposed to sleep around. As a matter of fact, he can have multiple women in one day and that's cool.
As a matter of fact, start playing Aloe Blacc:

Now, if a young college woman and you're not a virgin, you're the slut of the world. Let's forget that you're at an age where you're exploring your sexuality as well. But this is America and you're supposed to keep your legs clothes until "The Man" comes for you.

Then, you'd better give him what he wants and don't change your mind because he's being too forceful, or treating you as if you're Beauty in The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty. If said man is a football player or famous, the police will encourage you to turning a blind eye, because it would make your life hard.
Because, honey, you are not the man -- you are a slut.

Social media will damn you to hell, while exalting "The Man" for getting off on charges. This story has played out so many times: Ben Roethlisberger, Jerramy Stevens, Stubenville, Ohio, and Maryville.

This all brings me to the reactions that I've seen about the Jameis Winston case.
There are people who say: This came out to keep him from getting a Heisman. Yeah, because a woman is going to say she was raped to stop someone from getting a trophy. What's her motivation? Who would pay her to degrade herself?

  • you are calling her a victim. And noone knows what happened. Now what happens if they charged him and then it comes out she made it up...please go Google Brian Banks NFL prospect. Women make things up as well. Maybe, just maybe he is the victim. Him making money in the NFL doesn't make him guilty.
  • Let's not forget the FACT that the young lady said she didn't want it to COME to this. So was she raped or was she a ONE night stand and at the time of the sexual assault accusation she was embarrassed?
  • Please dont believe everything the media says. If she really wanted to make a real statement she would have came out to the public and said what ever needed to be said. No police could make me keep my mouth shut and tell me things would be hard if i reported a crime COME ON MAN!!!!! THIS IS WHY WE HAVE A JUSTICE SYSTEM!!
  • None of us know what happen because we weren't there, and while I don't want to start and argument, it's not a crime because there were no charges. If he needs redemption it's to God, not a ESPN national television audience.
  • Being charged can also mean you are innocent. Just look at the Duke Lacrosse case. Those charges were dropped, and the overzealous prosecutor was disbarred, sent to jail for a short time and fined. it ruined the lives of several people. The players had to drop out of school and transfer and the coach resigned. They used bad judgement in hiring a stripper in the first place, as Winston used bad judgement too. I am not in way making light of sexual assault, but I really believe this is not an example of a football player getting a free pass.
So many people are treating the victim in this case as if she is sub-human or she asked for it.  And yes, she is a victim! A victim of the system After all, a police officer allegedly told her not to report a crime. 
We requested assistance from an attorney friend to interact with law enforcement on the victim’s behalf. When the attorney contacted Detective (Scott) Angulo immediately after Winston was identified, Detective Angulo told the attorney that Tallahassee was a big football town and the victim needs to think long and hard before proceeding against him because she will be raked over the coals and her life will be made miserable… 
 Way to protect and serve. I'm guessing this loser still has a job. So, please tell me again how she isn't a victim.

Heather Cox, you better not say you're sorry

Following the ACC championship game, ESPN's Heather Cox asked Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston about the sexual assault case he walked away from with no charges.

She didn't ask if he did it, she asked what he learned and why he kept silent. 
He walked away.
Now some say she went too far. I say, she didn't go far enough. All I can say now is she has nothing to apologize for and if ESPN makes her say she's sorry, they suck!