Confessions of a Marriage Robin Hood. . .Part Three

"Why are you doing this to me?" 
"I'd like to think that I'm doing this for you. The next woman you meet on that site might be crazy."
His cold stare said, like you're not. But he had the good sense not to let his mouth repeat it. "What do you want from me?"
"Let's start with why are you cheating on your wife, who you claim to love so much?"
"That's none of your damned business!"
Tilting my head to the side, I wished I had something to throw at him. "You made it my business when you responded to my message. Again, why are you on that site? Didn't you build a career around your family man reputation?"
"How do you know these things?" The incredulous look on his face, coupled with him being naked was priceless. I should've snapped a picture. But I just smiled. "Do you see how easy it is to find out what a man has to lose? Yet, you solicit ass online as if you're a single man."
He sputter, trying to figure out some retort. "My wife sent you. That bitch is . . ."
"Those only bitch I see here is you! Put your clothes on, you're making me sick. You look like a side of pork!"
He ran back into the bathroom and I started to feel my courage wane. How was I going to get the money? I hadn't set up an off shore account or anything. Before I put my plan on ice, a fully dressed Wendell walked into the room. "There is an ATM downstairs and I have a fifty-thousand dollar withdrawal limit."
"That's good for now."
"For now?!"
"There will be a ten thousand dollar fee for every day your profile is on that site."
"This is extortion, black mail and I don't . . ."
"Have a fucking choice unless you want the world to know what a freak you are. Now, be a good little boy and get my money."
When he left, I started thinking, what if he came back with the police? What if he came back with a gun So, when the door opened, I thought two things were going to happen — either I was going to get killed or go to jail.
Instead, Wendell walked in with my money. "Good job," I said with a confident smile that belied how I really felt. "Make sure you take that profile down tonight, your wife will appreciate that." I slapped his cheek with a gentle force then walked out of the room. That had been too easy and I was sure it would only get easier.
So, yes, I trolled the web site, I installed facial recognition software on my computers and when a self righteous son of a bitch popped up, I put on my butt pads and headed to the assigned meeting places. I'd learned from my first encounter with old Wendall, I had an off shore account where my money was wired. I also took incriminating pictures that would end up on social media and mailed to wives in twenty four hours if my money never made it into my account. 
One fool tried to test me and I enjoyed taking him down. And that is when I knew I had crossed the line.  


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