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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Black history feature with The SistahFriend Book Club

Cheris Hodges, Blog Blitz #18
What does Black History Month mean to you?

Black history month to me is about showing off our history to people who don't normally pay attention. This year, I'm sure there will ne more people focused on Black History because of President Barack Obama. (Don't you just love to say or write that?)

This month also gives me time to reflect on the richness of what our forefathers and mothers did to blaze the path to greatness for us. But more than anything else, Black History is American history and with President Barack Obama in the White House, I hope more people will recognize that.

February is also the month of LOVE. How do you incorporate the L-word in your work?

The month of love! Yes. I plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Atlanta at Waldenbooks in the CNN Center doing a book signing of "More Than He Can Handle"which is an unlikely love story of Cleveland Alexander and Winfred "Freddie" Barker. I like to show love in unusual ways. Love isn't always easy, but when you find that right one, it is a beautiful ride.