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Thursday, May 31, 2012

You should listen to 2 Black Girls and A Mic

Two veterans of the radio industry, Alysse Stewart and Shay Moore have teamed up to bring listeners 2 Black Girls and a Mic, a weekly podcast that takes on hot topic with a smooth twist.

1.       How did you come up with  the idea for 2Black Girls and a Mic?
AS: I was approached by's Carlton Hargro to host a podcast show. I agreed only after that light bulb moment that people sometimes experience.  I reached out to Shay Moore with the suggestion of a team effort, she said yes and the rest is history.  BTW my instincts were right in choosing Shay as a partner.  I love the synergy that exits between the two us.  We are very different, yet the same in many ways.  
SM:  Alysse called me with the idea to do a podcast together and while on the phone discussing what the show would be and how it would be executed we created the meat and potatoes of the show.

2.       Both of you have been in the broadcast industry for some time. Do you feel like Internet radio is going to replace the traditional FM format?
AS: No,  Both platforms serve a purpose.  However, I'm sure many will agree that the Internet has changed the day-to-day business of radio outlets.  The bottom line listeners have more options. While it is easier to create a show and launch it over the Internet vs working for a radio station the product may lack the same polished sound due to lack of know how by someone that simply wants to be heard. Big radio has the money to invest in promotional giveaways and such and people like that.  Along with the ease of just pushing a knob and the sound is there.   
SM: Internet radio will operate alongside radio I believe. 

3.       Describe the show.
AS: Our show is what I like to refer to as lifestyle radio.  We present trending topics in a conversational manner, its almost like you are eavesdropping on two friends talking on the phone.  The thing that makes the show unique is our willingness to expose ourselves while entertaining the masses.  The show has its humorous moments with splashes of sexy. 
 SM: It's a lifestyle show where we talk about things that are important to our listener ship from our unique perspectives.
4.       Why did you two black girls want to work together?
AS: I respect Shay's talent and work effort.  She was the obvious choice for me.  
SM: It's funny Alysse was a little leery of us calling the show 2 Black girls and a mic.  She thought it might be too controversial.  That's what makes this show the bomb.  We are able to balance each other out.  Sometimes she is pulling me back and sometimes I am encouraging her forward.

5.       How can listeners check out your show?
AS &SM: The show is currently featured on  It is also available on iTunes Listen on iTunes

Check out this week's show: click here

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Role Models? Really Vibe Magazine. . . defines role model as:
a person whose behavior, example, or success is or can be emulated by others, especially by younger people.
Vibe Magazine, however, defines role model as this:
 If you don't know who these people are, that's the bully Evelyn Lozada from VH1's Basketball Wives, catty Kandi Burruss from Bravo's Desperate Housewives of Atlanta, loud and vain Tamar Braxton from WeTV's Braxton Family Values and another bully, Chrissy Lampkin from VH1's Love and Hip-Hop. 

Role models? Yeah-- no. These women are the stereotypes of black women that so many of us try to live down.
I don't know who the editors of Vibe are, but can someone give them a reality check and a dictionary. What behavior have these women exhibited that we want to see young women -- or men for that matter-- model? What happened to standards? Morals? Common sense? There's nothing successful about these women, many who laid on their backs to get on a "reality" show. What does Chrissy Lampkin do again? Evelyn? Tamar?

Some people will say that Kandi is different. Umm, nope. She may have Grammys, hit songs and the like, but she has tarnished her talent by acting like a damned fool on TV. Role models?

Charles Barkley is a better role model for black women than any of these women on the cover of this magazine.
Star Jones launched a petition to stop Evelyn's new show. Here's what Evelyn said, in part, about Star Jones--a lawyer, journalist and writer:
VIBE: Star Jones started a petition, lashing out against women and violence on reality TV. What’s your reaction?

Evelyn: [Bursts into laughter] I think she’s going to have to get a whole lot of names. Actually, I like the petition and I like the controversy because I’ve learned controversy is good. But I think she’s irrelevant. And she’s using our coattails to get relevant again. Nobody gives a fuck about her."
Ma'am, have a seat. Get an education and some anger management. Teach your child what you want, but don't spread your poison to mine!

Chrissy Lampkin, ma'am, work on your relationship off camera and join Evelyn in anger management.

Tamar, recognize that Toni Braxton is the only reason why you're relevant. You're not a superstar, you are just a loud mouth with a husband who doesn't even believe in your musical talent. Otherwise, your album would be out.

Kandi, grow up and teach your child how focus on her talent--not argue with other girls.

Vibe Magazine, just die.

And if these are your role models, please seek help or God.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Deeply saddened

North Carolina voters just opened the door to discrimination. With the passing of Amendment One, voters said we don't respect people who aren't like the majority. What's next?

Are black people going to be forced back into the cotton fields?
Are Hispanic Americans going to be forced to carry freedom papers?
Will the jails be filled with single women who kill their abusers, since this Amendment effectively voids Domestic violence protective orders?
How many children are going to die because their parents can't afford health care? 

Bigots won and we're all going to suffer. Way to go Tar Heel State.

Here's what Twitter thinks:
: Getting married was one of the greatest things I have ever done. I hope everyone in NC gets the same opportunity someday.

North Carolina you are on the wrong side of history, the wrong side of love on this 1

With Amendment 1 passing in NC, I hope progressive Christian voices r speaking loudly & prophetically, offering another Christian viewpoint.

If they put Black people's right to vote on the ballot in 30 states next Tuesday, we'd be ass out.

For all the NC folks in my TL happy they stood up for Jesus at the polls today, I want you to know it's legal to marry your cousin here.

Waiting for North Carolina amendments banning shellfish, tattoos and pulling out because everything in the bible should be law.

.: Where do I begin? It’s just the beginning for NC after the passage of

Amendment One in North Carolina passes. NOT GOOD. U cannot be a selective civil rights activist. Either u stand for rights for all or none.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Amendment One highlights NC's bigotry

I often wave my North Carolina birth certificate at people, even though I was raised in South Carolina. South Carolina is many times the butt of  jokes; thank you Mark Sanford.

But what's going on in North Carolina, where I now live, is no joke. Tomorrow is election day in the Tar Heel state and the main thing bringing voters to the polls is Amendment One.
Here's what this thing is:
The measure would define marriage in the state constitution as between one man and one woman, and would ban any other type of "domestic legal union" such as civil unions and domestic partnerships. Same-sex marriage is already illegal in the state of North Carolina. The proposed measure, however, would add the ban to the state constitution.
This measure isn't just about gay marriage. It's about families and discrimination. Point blank, it's damned stupid.
If people want to get married--same sex couples included -- the government knows damned well that they benefit.
Married people pay higher taxes. North Carolina is broke, right?
Stable families stay in towns and cities longer, buy houses, pay property taxes and add to communities.
And when it comes to attracting businesses and workers, why would a California company want to relocate to a state that has discrimination built right into its constitution? Again, North Carolina is broke -- right?

And Amendment One does more than just prohibit same sex marriage, it punishes couples who haven't gotten married but have children.
The amendment could invalidate certain domestic violence protections for unmarried couples, gay or straight. 
And of course, churches-- both closed minded ones and progressive ones -- have voiced their opinions on Amendment One. I thought we lived in a country where there was a separation of church and state?
Protect All Families NC defines some unintended side effects of this measure:

A child of an unmarried parent could lose their health care and prescription drug coverage, putting the child’s health at risk. 
A child could be taken away from a committed parent who has loved them their entire life if something happens to the other parent.
Amendment One threatens existing child custody and visitation rights that are designed to protect the best interests of a child.
Amendment One bans all other legal relationship recognitions—prohibiting North Carolina from ever recognizing civil unions and domestic partnershipsThousands of North Carolinians rely on these legal protections. Removing these rights creates far-reaching and long-lasting harms for families from all walks of life.
Amendment One would interfere with protections for unmarried couples to visit one another in the hospital and to make emergency medical and financial decisions if one partner is incapacitated.
This is no joke. This measure must be stopped. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Goings Series in order

A 20-month erection?!

While researching motorcycles for my latest novel, I ran across the story of a California man who had a 20-month erection after riding a BMW bike.

Of course he's suing -- and he should. One thing that Viagra taught us is that an erection lasting over four hours is dangerous, 20 months had to be just painful.

A California man has sued BMW North America and a motorcycle-seat maker claiming that a four-hour round-trip ride on his 1993 BMW bike with a "ridge-like" seat gave him "a severe case of priapism (a persistent, lasting erection)" that's lasted 20 months and counting.
While there have been concerns about narrow "banana" bike seats causing loss of feeling in that area -- for men and women -- this is the first report we've seen of way too much.
People joke about priapism, but it is no joke. After a man has reached his climax and his penis doesn't return to it's "resting" or flaccid state, it isn't useful and it throbs like a migraine headache.

The name comes from the Greek god Priapus a fertility god often represented with a disproportionately large and permanent erection.
There are oral medications to treat priapism, but if they fail then stints are used for "puncturing the glans (the distal part of the penis) into one of the cavernosa, where the old, stagnant blood is held. This causes the blood to leave the penis and return to the circulation. This procedure can be performed by a urologist at the bedside. Winter's shunts are often the first invasive technique used, especially in hematologic induced priapism, as it is relatively simple and repeatable over time."


As far as the man who had the 20-month erection,"The lawsuit says [he] is “now is unable to engage in sexual activity, which is causing him substantial emotional and mental anguish.” "

I hope he wins. 

Late night video blog: I don't want him to be just an ass. . .character study

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