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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Role Models? Really Vibe Magazine. . . defines role model as:
a person whose behavior, example, or success is or can be emulated by others, especially by younger people.
Vibe Magazine, however, defines role model as this:
 If you don't know who these people are, that's the bully Evelyn Lozada from VH1's Basketball Wives, catty Kandi Burruss from Bravo's Desperate Housewives of Atlanta, loud and vain Tamar Braxton from WeTV's Braxton Family Values and another bully, Chrissy Lampkin from VH1's Love and Hip-Hop. 

Role models? Yeah-- no. These women are the stereotypes of black women that so many of us try to live down.
I don't know who the editors of Vibe are, but can someone give them a reality check and a dictionary. What behavior have these women exhibited that we want to see young women -- or men for that matter-- model? What happened to standards? Morals? Common sense? There's nothing successful about these women, many who laid on their backs to get on a "reality" show. What does Chrissy Lampkin do again? Evelyn? Tamar?

Some people will say that Kandi is different. Umm, nope. She may have Grammys, hit songs and the like, but she has tarnished her talent by acting like a damned fool on TV. Role models?

Charles Barkley is a better role model for black women than any of these women on the cover of this magazine.
Star Jones launched a petition to stop Evelyn's new show. Here's what Evelyn said, in part, about Star Jones--a lawyer, journalist and writer:
VIBE: Star Jones started a petition, lashing out against women and violence on reality TV. What’s your reaction?

Evelyn: [Bursts into laughter] I think she’s going to have to get a whole lot of names. Actually, I like the petition and I like the controversy because I’ve learned controversy is good. But I think she’s irrelevant. And she’s using our coattails to get relevant again. Nobody gives a fuck about her."
Ma'am, have a seat. Get an education and some anger management. Teach your child what you want, but don't spread your poison to mine!

Chrissy Lampkin, ma'am, work on your relationship off camera and join Evelyn in anger management.

Tamar, recognize that Toni Braxton is the only reason why you're relevant. You're not a superstar, you are just a loud mouth with a husband who doesn't even believe in your musical talent. Otherwise, your album would be out.

Kandi, grow up and teach your child how focus on her talent--not argue with other girls.

Vibe Magazine, just die.

And if these are your role models, please seek help or God.

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