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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Deeply saddened

North Carolina voters just opened the door to discrimination. With the passing of Amendment One, voters said we don't respect people who aren't like the majority. What's next?

Are black people going to be forced back into the cotton fields?
Are Hispanic Americans going to be forced to carry freedom papers?
Will the jails be filled with single women who kill their abusers, since this Amendment effectively voids Domestic violence protective orders?
How many children are going to die because their parents can't afford health care? 

Bigots won and we're all going to suffer. Way to go Tar Heel State.

Here's what Twitter thinks:
: Getting married was one of the greatest things I have ever done. I hope everyone in NC gets the same opportunity someday.

North Carolina you are on the wrong side of history, the wrong side of love on this 1

With Amendment 1 passing in NC, I hope progressive Christian voices r speaking loudly & prophetically, offering another Christian viewpoint.

If they put Black people's right to vote on the ballot in 30 states next Tuesday, we'd be ass out.

For all the NC folks in my TL happy they stood up for Jesus at the polls today, I want you to know it's legal to marry your cousin here.

Waiting for North Carolina amendments banning shellfish, tattoos and pulling out because everything in the bible should be law.

.: Where do I begin? It’s just the beginning for NC after the passage of

Amendment One in North Carolina passes. NOT GOOD. U cannot be a selective civil rights activist. Either u stand for rights for all or none.

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