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Monday, August 18, 2014

No. . .You can not touch my hair!

This deserves a video blog

I've been sheltered.
I've never experienced OVERT racism. Until yesterday.
I've never experienced OVERT sexism. I take that back, I've been dealing with sexism for years. But until I took my day job last summer, I never dealt with it every day. It was just a weekly thing. I used to be a sports writer.

So, tonight I will expound on my feelings. On video.

Please stay tuned.

Thank you!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

#WhatIWantOneClickWednesday: Unveiling The One That I Want

The One That I Want! 

Here we go go! The official unveiling of our next step in our rise to the NYT, with your help of course. Lutishia Lovely Cheris Hodges and moi are excited as we count down the days to October 8. Enjoy our little gift to you and please share! #whatiwantwednesday --Donna Hill

Donna Hill:

Zuri Day: 

Cheris Hodges: 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Washington Redskins and the hypocrisy of Daniel Snyder

Anyone who follows me on social media knows I am not a fan of the Washington Redskins. It's safe to say, I hate the Redskins. Yes. I'm a Dallas Cowboys fan.

I've also started a one-woman boycott of the NFL due to the lame punishment Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens received after his domestic abuse of his then-fiancee, now wife. But I digress.

I've tried to ignore the swirling controversy surrounding the name of the team in DC. Then I saw this story on

Washington Redskins Defend Name With Help From Native Americans
I didn't read it. I'm not going to read it. But I want to tell you a story about Washington owner Daniel Snyder.

For seven months in 2011, Danny Boy was in a legal battle with the Washington City Paper because of a tongue-in-cheek article written about him. It was called, The Cranky Redskins' Fan Guide to Dan Snyder.

Here are some highlights:

So before we welcome the New Dan Snyder, let’s look back at the one we know. That’s the Dan Snyder who left his mark, or stain, on more than just a football team. That’s the Dan Snyder who got caught forging names as a telemarketer with Snyder Communications, made a great view of the Potomac River for himself by going all Agent Orange on federally protected lands, and lost over $121 million of Bill Gates’ money while selling an “official mattress” while in charge of Six Flags. That’s the Dan Snyder I’ve found to be the most fascinating and consistent man on the planet, responsible for the hilarious and/or heinous deeds outlined in the following pages.
 “A Long Time”: Thirteen weeks, in Snyder-speak. During training camp in 2000, ESPN asked Snyder how long Norv Turner, who had just coached the Redskins to an NFC East title, would be in his employ. “A long time,” Snyder said. He fired Turner with three games left in the season, despite the Redskins’ winning record.
Andyman: Fake name widely believed to be used by top Redskins officials to post anti-media rants on fan message boards. In 2005, Washington City Paper reported that Karl Swanson, Snyder’s longtime PR chief, had registered on, a website where Andyman often sniped at The Washington Post. Andyman, which could be Pig Latin for Danny M (Snyder’s first name, middle initial) all but disappeared after the report. 

The article was accompanied by this illustration:

 Instead of laughing. Dan sued. Sued a paper that was struggling financially. Sued a paper that makes fun of everybody.
Accused the paper of being anti-Semitic.
I'm going to pause.
He. Accused. The. Paper. Of. Being. Anti-Semitic.

The name of the team that you own is a racial slur and you actually had the nerve to sue a paper and say it was being anti-Jewish. *Kanye shrug.*
The suit was dropped, but the City Paper was left holding a big bill. Full disclosure, during this time, I worked for Creative Loafing Charlotte, which was owned by the City Paper's parent company at the time.
City Paper is a small news organization with limited resources, and defending ourselves against this lawsuit has cost massive amounts of time and money, well beyond the $34,308.91 that readers have contributed to our legal defense fund. Despite those costs, we are proud that we never wavered or allowed ourselves to be bullied, ultimately leading Snyder to dismiss his case. Though the District’s anti-SLAPP law says courts “may” have awarded us some of our litigation costs had we pursued them, we concluded that it wasn’t worth spending substantially more money, energy, and attention for what would have only been a chance of recovering a portion of what we've spent.
Today, we got what we wanted all along: dismissal of a case expressly designed to pressure us, and filed by a man who now apparently says he never even read the story in the first place. Now we're eager to get back to our business of covering the city's politics and culture—including its sports culture—without this distraction. And we hope the end of this case means Snyder can get back to focusing his energy on making our shared home team as good as it can be.
Now, back to the issue at hand. Black folks are constantly called out for using the "race card." But we're just going to give Dan a pass?
What does Redskin really mean? Writer Baxter Holmes breaks it down in an Esquire blog.


That's not racist at all for a team in the National Football League to keep this name. And it's not at all hypocritical for Snyder to use the Jew Card because someone drew on his picture, while saying in another breath that "A Redskin is a football player," while ignoring the pain of what that word means to a race of people. 

Heat up the holidays with these sexy stories

Hot Christmas Nights and The One That I Want kick off the holiday reading season from powerhouse romance publishers Kimani and Dafina Books.

The One That I Want features Essence Bestselling author Donna Hill, Zuri Day and Cheris Hodges. Publisher's Weekly has already voted this book as one of the top ten romances for the fall season.

Devastated by her divorce, Cara Holiday vowed never to be vulnerable again. Now she’s a wildly successful real estate broker, and wildly lonely. Restaurateur Mitch Davis has had his eye on her, but can’t break the ice—until he cooks up a scheme to hire her. Soon Cara is enjoying his company—and secretly drawing out the process of selling his house. When their deceptions collide, will their blossoming relationship make it to the holidays?
After years of travel working for a pop diva, Carol Robbins has moved back to Detroit in time for the holidays. She’s bought a home and bonded with her family. As for romance, she’s got no prospects—until she attends a VIP party and makes a surprising love connection. Soon she’s torn between her old “big life,” her hopes for the future—and one man who may give her the greatest gift of all…

Tired of coming second to her wealthy husband’s career, Lola Yvonne Joseph is sending him a very special gift this year: divorce papers. Then she’s leaving Miami for the kind of wintery white Christmas she’s always wanted. She definitely does not expect Jonathan to track her down, whisk her away, and do everything possible to win her back. If he succeeds, Lola has one more surprise in store for him…

Kimani Arabesque offers Hot Christmas Nights featuring authors Farrah Rochon, Terra Little and Velvet Carter. For Rochon, writing her Christmas novella was just as fun as spending the holidays with her family.
"Coming from a large family that gets together every year for the holidays, writing stories set at Christmastime is like going home for me. Ironically, my story in Hot Christmas NightsTuscan Nights, takes place far from home, in gorgeous Italy. It was a treat to explore this romantic country and infuse some of its holiday traditions into my story."
Tuscan Nights by Farrah Rochon
It's not the breathtaking scenery that brings Aiden Williams to Italy for Christmas—it's gorgeous pastry chef Nyla Thompson. Five years ago Aiden's older brother was fool enough to let Nyla go. Now a mature and sexy Aiden is determined to turn their Italian fling into everlasting amore….
Vegas Affair by Terra Little
Professional dancer Wendy Kincaid thinks she knows her best friend, Frazier Abernathy, inside out. But he's got a season of surprises in store for the woman he's always desired, leading to a Las Vegas rendezvous, where he'll raise the stakes in an all-out merry seduction….
Tied Up In Tinsel by Velvet Carter
Entertainment agent Landis Keates is stunned to learn that his old college classmate is now an international singing sensation! Back then, he was too clueless to notice Brooke Lynn Samuels. Now a friend's winter wedding in picturesque Bridgehampton is the perfect backdrop to a very intimate Yuletide reunion….
Arabesque is celebrating 20 years of publishing African American romance and boast introducing readers to authors like Sandra Kitt, Beverly Jenkins and Brenda Jackson. This trio of authors were honored at this past year's Romantic Times convention with the Pioneer Award.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Something is coming . . .Donna, Zuri, Cheris . . .

Summer's almost over, it's never to early to start thinking about Christmas. . .cold nights, hot stories.

Donna Hill:

Zuri Day: 

Cheris Hodges: 
Stay Tuned!