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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

SistahFriends Interview

Thursday, July 16, 2009

No Other Lover Will Do, Coming Feb. 2010

Ultimate bad boy Solomon Crawford dates for sport. He hunts the most attractive women in town, and after sex, leaves before sunrise, never to return. He also happens to co-own the hottest resort in North Carolina—Sugar Mountain, where stunner Kandace Davis is taking a much-needed break from her hectic work schedule. The last thing the two expect is to find each other—in a steamy hot tub…

Solomon is the most arrogant, wickedly sexy man Kandace has ever met, but she’s not the only one who can’t resist him. Carmen De La Croix, Solomon’s business partner, has loved him from the start—with a vengeance. There’s no way in hell she’ll allow Solomon and Kandace to play out their passion in front of her. In fact, she’ll do whatever it takes to keep Solomon away from the woman he’s finally ready to watch the sunrise with…

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