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Friday, March 29, 2013

Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop: Part 26

With slow and deliberate strokes, he unbuttoned my blouse and pushed it off my shoulders. His hot hands burned my skin, filling me with desire and anticipation. I shifted my hips, silently urging him to touch my wetness, to slip one of those big hands between my twitching thighs. How was it possible that I needed his touch as much as I needed my next breath? How was it possible that I was craving a virtual stranger’s body? Pushing those thoughts out of my mind, I gave in to his kiss, gave in to his probing tongue. My nipples pressed against my bra with agonizing pain and need. I needed his lips against them. His teeth would be a nice touch as well. When he dipped his head down to my bosom and sucked my nipples through the thin material of my demi bra, my moans turned into screams of passion and filled the car with a lustful music that would’ve brought the cops had anyone been around. Guttural. Primal. Loud.
David pulled back and looked into my eyes, my soul felt as if it was melting and pooling between my thighs. “Let’s get out of here before I rip your pants off and take you right here.”
I couldn’t speak; I simply nodded as I reached for the door handle. My legs were shaky as I stepped out of the car and David made them turn to jelly when he pressed me against the car and kissed me again. I wrapped my leg around his waist –yay for yoga training—and wished I was wearing a skirt so that his access to the hot, throbbing folds of flesh between my thighs wasn’t restricted. When I felt the hardness of his erection, I closed my eyes and prayed that is was as big as it felt in those jeans. There was no need for me to fight it; I wanted him to fuck me hard and fast. Food could wait. Pulling back, I looked up at him, focusing my gaze on those sensual lips.
“If you don’t take me inside right now, we’re going to get charged with a misdemeanor or give the security guard watching this camera feed free porn.”
He didn’t respond with words, just a smile. Then he scooped me into his arms and dashed to the elevator as if he was carrying a doll or a sack of laundry. I gripped his neck, then sucked and kissed the strong column. David moaned, his hands slipping from my waist. “Damn, Mimi,” he intoned. “Damn. Keep your mouth on me.”
I followed his request and kept sucking –even biting him gently. He lowered me to the floor and pressed my body against the wall of the elevator and then pressed the emergency stop button. With a swift hand, he unbuttoned my slacks, pulled them to my ankles. Who was happy that she’d worn a thong to avoid a panty line? Yes, this girl right here. David pulled my barely there underwear to the side and buried his face between my thighs – licking and sucking the juices he’d churned up. When his tongue found my throbbing bud, I howled and my knees buckled. He looked up at me and locked those whisky brown eyes with mine. Shivers attacked my spine and I came – hard and fast. His face was wet with my desire.  

(As you can tell, this is what was playing in the background today.)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Perfect Pitch. . .opportunity for small businesses

Pride Public Relations has an opportunity for small businesses in the Charlotte area to kick off National Small Business Week. The deadline to enter is April 12.

To kick off National Small Business Week in Charlotte, for the third year, Pride Public Relations will host a free small business seminar Monday, May 20, 11 a.m.-3 p.m. at Wake Forest University’s uptown Charlotte campus, 200 N. College St. 

The purpose of the event is to educate small business owners about best practices, provide helpful resources and allow business owners an opportunity to interact directly with industry experts and other successful small business owners. 

This year’s event will feature The Perfect Pitch small business competition. Four local entrepreneurs will compete to win a customized small business “Success Package” worth some $5,000.  The competing finalists will give presentations about their businesses and outline a growth plan for the next three years in front of a live audience of fellow small business owners and five judges who will determine the winner.

All Mecklenburg County small business owners and entrepreneurs in operation for a minimum of two years with fifty (50) employees or less are eligible to participate in the competition. Nonprofits and franchises are ineligible.

·         Applying to participate in The Perfect Pitch is simple: Eligible business owners should send an email to describing their background and current business situation in 500 words or less. Deadline is April 12, 2013. Pride Public Relations will review all applications and select four finalists, based on the clarity, creativity and succinctness of their stories. 

·         Interested in attending this free event? Online registration is required. Please RSVP here Space is limited so register today!

 This event is co-sponsored by Wells Fargo Supplier Diversity, North Carolina Department of Transportation, Wake Forest University, SPARK Publications, Pride Public Relations and Pride Magazine.  For more information about this event, including sponsorship information, please email or call 704.375.9553. 

About Pride Public Relations
Pride Public Relations is a full-service agency providing marketing and public relations services for a variety of corporate, government, nonprofit and small business clients.   For more information about Pride Public Relations please visit

The Perfect Pitch Small Business Competition Overview
“The Perfect Pitch” is a component of Staying in the Game, the third annual Small Business Week seminar on May 20, 2013, produced by Pride Public Relations. Four (4) local entrepreneurs compete to win a prize package designed to help their business succeed. Competitors are asked to give a seven-minute presentation outlining a growth plan for the next three years.  Immediately before the competition, the four finalists participate in an interactive entrepreneur panel discussion about best practices for small businesses. This provides an opportunity for them to share their stories with attendees, including obstacles and successes. 

Who can participate?
All established Mecklenburg County for-profit business owners or entrepreneurs in business for at least 2 full years and who employ fifty (50) people or less. Competition is open to all ages and genders.  Participants must provide products or services of value to the Charlotte community.  Nonprofits and franchises are ineligible. 

When is the deadline?
Submissions must be received no later than April 12, 2013 at Finalists selected to pitch their businesses at the event will be notified in early May.

How do I apply?
Eligible business owners must send an email to describing their background and current business situation in 500 words or less. Pride Public Relations will review all applications and select four finalists, based on the clarity, creativity and succinctness of their stories. 

How will the winner be chosen? 
The four finalists will each give a seven-minute pitch to a panel of judges at Staying in the Game on May 20, articulating how they plan to grow their business over the next three years. Five judges will choose the business with the best potential for growth, based on the presentations.

What is the prize? 
The winner will receive a small business “Success Package” valued at $5,000, which includes the following:
·         A brief business profile in Pride Magazine's Multicultural Resource Guide.
·         A quarter-page print ad in Pride Magazine and a banner ad on Pride Magazine’s website.
·         Strategic public relations counsel, including marketing plan development and news release distribution.
·         Registration to Carolinas Minority Supplier Development Council’s 2013 Business Opportunity Conference.
·         Business consultation and services from the North Carolina Minority Economic Development Institute.
·         And much more … 


The I'm Sorry Tour: Cheating men looking for a second chance

General Petraeus has embarked on the I'm Sorry I Cheated tour.
You’re sorry, General. You’re sorry you hurt your wife of more than two decades. You’re sorry you let down the thousands who looked up to you and were under your command. Let’s be real, sir, you’re sorry you got caught.
General David Petraeus is the latest high profile man doing the “I’m sorry” tour.  Tiger Woods did it. John Edwards did it. President Bill Clinton did it. Jesse Jackson did it. And the list could go on and on.  Hi, Mark Sanford.
All of these high profile cheaters and June Bug around the corner have one thing in common – They’re sorry that they got caught.
Cheating is a choice. Cheating is not an accident. It is planned and deliberate. No one accidentally shows up at a hotel room to have sex, to get oral pleasures or to make stains on blue dresses. You don’t accidentally play stick the cigar in the intern, you choose to do that. Saying I’m sorry after getting caught is like getting a garden hose after starting the house fire. It’s a little too late.
These I’m sorry tours are laughable. These men never tell the truth about where the sorrow is really coming from. It’s pretty obvious that these affairs and the cheating would continue if no one found out.  And what consequences do they really suffer?  
A few months of a career slump? A few months of being the punch line of jokes? Maybe they lose a few million dollars if the pre-nup wasn’t iron clad. But cheating men are forgiven – by many – after uttering the words, “I’m sorry.”
And the women involved in these scandals? Oh, forgiveness doesn’t come easy. Wives are labeled as stupid. The mistresses are forever labeled as home wrecking sluts. Unless you’re Hilary Clinton, you will always be thought of as that lady that guy played for a fool. Redemption is only reserved for the cheating men – never the mistress. They both are equally wrong. Hell, he is the one who took vows and in some cases, the mistress may not even know there is a wife. The shaming of single women has reduced some women into thinking that a piece of man or someone else’s man is better than having no man at all. This isn’t an excuse, it’s just a fact.
I wonder if Paula Broadwell’s husband has forgiven her. I wonder if she will receive another assignment to write about a powerful man—will she get her own I’m sorry book tour?

Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop: Part 25

The drive to David's condo was short but it felt as if we were driving to Atlanta. My thighs shivered as I watched his hands grip the stirring wheel of the Dodge Challenger. I was a sucker for sports cars. One of the second things that I'd done after moving to Charlotte was purchase a black Camaro. It allowed me to live out my Knight Rider fantasies. But I kept my Mustang too. Otherwise, wearing a Ride The Pony tee shirt would invite the wrong kind of questions.  And those same questions were dancing in my head right now. Would I get to devour his lips as a part of my lunch? Could he cook or would I be satisfied in another way? His hips thrusting into mine with my legs wrapped around him with my back against the wall or pressed against his bed. I wondered if his mattress was soft or firm. Really? I chided myself, forcing my eyes to concentrate on parking garage or the address that I was going to.
"You're pretty quiet over there," he said when he pulled into what I assumed was an assigned parking spot.
"I was thinking about something," I replied as I smiled at him.
"What's that?"
"What if you can't cook and I leave here hungry?"
"Funny. And I know that isn't what you were thinking, Catwoman."
"Excuse me?"
"Your thigh has a funk or is it a blues in it. Even through those pants I could see it throbbing."
My throat went dry; there was no way in hell that I was that transparent. "That's not true."
"Maybe not, but that's what was going on over here. Before your job got in the way," he said as he inched closer to me and took my chin in his hand. "I wanted to do this." Slowly his lips captured mine, soft and sweet, his tongue entered my mouthskillfully kissing me until my panties were soaked like a rain soaked meadow.
Then he placed his hot hand on my throbbing thigh. Yes, he had been right; I had a blues, a funk and wanton thoughts vibrating throughout my thighs and every other point in between.
Moans filled the air in the car and I was so ready to strip out of my pants and let him touch and caress my hot wetness. But, the sane part of me God I hate her sensible assmade me stop. I pulled my lips away from his and placed my hand on top of his. It was hot to the touch. I was supposed push his hand away and tell him that I was simply here to have dinner, I mean lunch or whatever. Our eyes locked and I knew that we werent eating food today.
.I need you, he moaned and I was putty in his hot hands. For a moment, I thought he was about to strip me naked in the car and make love to me in the bucket seat. I wouldve let him. I reached up and stroked his cheek. The sane and sensible part of me was about to say, Were moving too fast. But the lusty monster inside of me who needed the touch and stroke of a man spoke first. I want you.