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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Waiting for The Other Shoe To Drop: Part 23

All night I thought about David and tried to focus it on church, but it always ended up with his clothes piled up at the foot of my bed. I knew I was in trouble when I woke up the next morning smiling because I had been dreaming of kissing him before my alarm blared.
After a quick shower, a protein shake for breakfast and two cups of coffee, I headed to work and to my surprise, David was in Sonia's office. I had to pinch my arm to make sure I wasn't still dreaming because at some point during the night, he'd taken me from behind on my desk. Or was it Sonia's? Didn't matter because here he was in the flesh. In the bright light of the day and he was still fine. Bring it in, Mimi, my inner voice warned. When he smiled, I nearly melted. "Good morning," he said. David was quite bright eyed for someone who spent the night DJing.
Sonia smirked at us and I got the feeling that David didn't just show up at his cousin's place of business often -- at least not this early. 
"Morning," I said stifling my smile. Sonia glanced at her watch.
"All right, I have to brief the city staff in about five minutes. David, why don't you and Mimi enjoy this Starbucks without me?"
"Um, I emailed you my report," I stammered.
"Got it. See you two later."
Breathe and sip, I told myself as I picked up my cup. Lord was that tea? "What the?" I nearly spit it out. David laughed and took the cup from my hand.
"I think we got them mixed up."
"Yes, we did. Tea?"
"I'm not into coffee," he replied.
"Tea and Starbucks don't mix," I replied as I took the biggest sip of a latte to wash the taste of chi tea out of my mouth. Damn! My gaze fell on the lips that haunted my dreams as they curved around the lid of the cup. Did I really just moan?
"Coffee that good?"
Oh, shit, I did. "Mmm-huh." When did I become this lame? "I'd, um, yeah, better get back to work."
"Mimi, you know I came here to get a glimpse of you this morning."
I swallowed air. "Is that so?" He stepped closer to me, so close that I inhaled the spiciness of his scent. My mouth watered, my panties were soaked as my knees quivered. I was totally undone when he stroked my cheek with his index finger. Breathe.
"I said I was going to call."
"Didn't want to wait. I'm rather impatient."
"That's not always a good thing."
"True. But I could get that cat suit out of my mind. And you still look good in a business suit."
Yeah, I did have clothes on. This wasn't a dream, this was real. Glancing down at my outfit, I thought it was cute, but he made me feel like Olivia Pope. In my flats, David towered over me. I wanted nothing more than to bury my face in his chest. Stepping back, I reminded myself that he way my boss's cousin and I still needed to get my head together. Fuck it, I want to kiss this man and he was bringing his lips increasingly closer to mine and . . . Sonias office phone beeped.
"Mimi, are you in there?" Deanna, the receptionist for our department, asked. "Thomas Hailey is looking for you."
"OK," I said in a voice I didn't recognize. "Be right there."
"Are you going to make me bring you coffee every morning or do I get a phone call tonight?"
"Well," I said as I moved toward the exit. "I'd better go."
"I-I sure."
"I'll meet you here at one or is that too late?"
"That's fine." My voice still didn't sound like mine. He smiled then walked out of Sonia's office in front of me. Watching him walk out the door was like watching honey drizzling over the warmest mound of bread. It wasn't until the phone buzzed again that I realized I was standing there like an idiot. "Yeah?"
"Thomas is set up in the conference room when you have time."
I let that smart ass comment go this time. I was head over heels in lust and my mind wasn't in the game at all.

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