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Friday, March 29, 2013

Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop: Part 26

With slow and deliberate strokes, he unbuttoned my blouse and pushed it off my shoulders. His hot hands burned my skin, filling me with desire and anticipation. I shifted my hips, silently urging him to touch my wetness, to slip one of those big hands between my twitching thighs. How was it possible that I needed his touch as much as I needed my next breath? How was it possible that I was craving a virtual stranger’s body? Pushing those thoughts out of my mind, I gave in to his kiss, gave in to his probing tongue. My nipples pressed against my bra with agonizing pain and need. I needed his lips against them. His teeth would be a nice touch as well. When he dipped his head down to my bosom and sucked my nipples through the thin material of my demi bra, my moans turned into screams of passion and filled the car with a lustful music that would’ve brought the cops had anyone been around. Guttural. Primal. Loud.
David pulled back and looked into my eyes, my soul felt as if it was melting and pooling between my thighs. “Let’s get out of here before I rip your pants off and take you right here.”
I couldn’t speak; I simply nodded as I reached for the door handle. My legs were shaky as I stepped out of the car and David made them turn to jelly when he pressed me against the car and kissed me again. I wrapped my leg around his waist –yay for yoga training—and wished I was wearing a skirt so that his access to the hot, throbbing folds of flesh between my thighs wasn’t restricted. When I felt the hardness of his erection, I closed my eyes and prayed that is was as big as it felt in those jeans. There was no need for me to fight it; I wanted him to fuck me hard and fast. Food could wait. Pulling back, I looked up at him, focusing my gaze on those sensual lips.
“If you don’t take me inside right now, we’re going to get charged with a misdemeanor or give the security guard watching this camera feed free porn.”
He didn’t respond with words, just a smile. Then he scooped me into his arms and dashed to the elevator as if he was carrying a doll or a sack of laundry. I gripped his neck, then sucked and kissed the strong column. David moaned, his hands slipping from my waist. “Damn, Mimi,” he intoned. “Damn. Keep your mouth on me.”
I followed his request and kept sucking –even biting him gently. He lowered me to the floor and pressed my body against the wall of the elevator and then pressed the emergency stop button. With a swift hand, he unbuttoned my slacks, pulled them to my ankles. Who was happy that she’d worn a thong to avoid a panty line? Yes, this girl right here. David pulled my barely there underwear to the side and buried his face between my thighs – licking and sucking the juices he’d churned up. When his tongue found my throbbing bud, I howled and my knees buckled. He looked up at me and locked those whisky brown eyes with mine. Shivers attacked my spine and I came – hard and fast. His face was wet with my desire.  

(As you can tell, this is what was playing in the background today.)

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