Waiting for the Other Shoe To Drop: Part 24

By the time my meeting was over and it was time for lunch, I hadnt returned to my normal self even Sonia noticed.
She beckoned me into her office around twelve-thirty. Mimi Collins, get over yourself, she said when she closed the door.
Excuse me?
Youre overthinking whatever is on your mind. And I get the feeling that its David.
Well, I said with a sigh. I dont have the best track record when it comes to men. Thats your cousin and youre my boss.
And it has nothing to do with your job. Mimi, I dont care if you and David swing from the overhead lights at your house. Thats your business. But all of this, head up your ass stuff this is not the girl I hired and took under my wing. Work life balance, remember that. But forget hes my cousin. Because if youre thinking about me while youre with him then someone is doing something wrong.
I smiled, feeling a little at ease. But I wasnt stupid enough to try and get the 4-1-1 on him from her either. But I was dying to know his back story? Why was that man single? Did he have children and what in the hell was I getting myself into?
Im going to lunch and Im not going to think about you for an hour, I replied.
Sonia shook her head and laughed. Listen, David is a good guy, but keep your eyes open. Hes still a man.
Got it, I said. Looking back, Im pretty sure I shouldve paid more attention to that warning. But at that moment, I was looking forward to lunch and maybe a kiss.
As soon as I walked out of Sonias office, David was standing right there. I hope your boss isnt being a hard ass, he quipped.
Not at all, I said. There was that goofy smile again. Let me grab my purse and Ill be ready. I stopped in mid-stride. Where are we going?
He grinned and closed the space between us. An intimate bistro that caters to an exclusive crowd.
Is this place new?
His smile grew. You could say that. Im cooking for you. My condo is right around that corner.
My knees buckled. I shouldve said, nah, lets go to Main 131 or one of those restaurants in the Epicentre. Instead, I said, OK.


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