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Thursday, May 31, 2012

You should listen to 2 Black Girls and A Mic

Two veterans of the radio industry, Alysse Stewart and Shay Moore have teamed up to bring listeners 2 Black Girls and a Mic, a weekly podcast that takes on hot topic with a smooth twist.

1.       How did you come up with  the idea for 2Black Girls and a Mic?
AS: I was approached by's Carlton Hargro to host a podcast show. I agreed only after that light bulb moment that people sometimes experience.  I reached out to Shay Moore with the suggestion of a team effort, she said yes and the rest is history.  BTW my instincts were right in choosing Shay as a partner.  I love the synergy that exits between the two us.  We are very different, yet the same in many ways.  
SM:  Alysse called me with the idea to do a podcast together and while on the phone discussing what the show would be and how it would be executed we created the meat and potatoes of the show.

2.       Both of you have been in the broadcast industry for some time. Do you feel like Internet radio is going to replace the traditional FM format?
AS: No,  Both platforms serve a purpose.  However, I'm sure many will agree that the Internet has changed the day-to-day business of radio outlets.  The bottom line listeners have more options. While it is easier to create a show and launch it over the Internet vs working for a radio station the product may lack the same polished sound due to lack of know how by someone that simply wants to be heard. Big radio has the money to invest in promotional giveaways and such and people like that.  Along with the ease of just pushing a knob and the sound is there.   
SM: Internet radio will operate alongside radio I believe. 

3.       Describe the show.
AS: Our show is what I like to refer to as lifestyle radio.  We present trending topics in a conversational manner, its almost like you are eavesdropping on two friends talking on the phone.  The thing that makes the show unique is our willingness to expose ourselves while entertaining the masses.  The show has its humorous moments with splashes of sexy. 
 SM: It's a lifestyle show where we talk about things that are important to our listener ship from our unique perspectives.
4.       Why did you two black girls want to work together?
AS: I respect Shay's talent and work effort.  She was the obvious choice for me.  
SM: It's funny Alysse was a little leery of us calling the show 2 Black girls and a mic.  She thought it might be too controversial.  That's what makes this show the bomb.  We are able to balance each other out.  Sometimes she is pulling me back and sometimes I am encouraging her forward.

5.       How can listeners check out your show?
AS &SM: The show is currently featured on  It is also available on iTunes Listen on iTunes

Check out this week's show: click here

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