The Deborah Fletcher Mello Collection

Deborah Fletcher Mello is prolific. Her books are like movies that you can't wait to see over and over again. And when the book ends, you're pretty choked up because you want more. I've had the pleasure of hanging out with Deborah Fletcher Mello many times and she's always a joy to be around. The reader on your gift list wil have a multitude of stories to choose from, and not just romance. 

 The Boudreaux Family Series
Hearts Afire - Coming February 2014
Truly Yours
Passionate Premiere
The Stallion's Series
Forever A Stallion
Seduced By A Stallion
Promises To A Stallion
Lost In A Stallion's Arms
Tame A Wild Stallion
To Love A Stallion
Best Friends Series
Always Means Forever
Love in the Lineup
The Right Side of Love
Standalone Romance Titles
In The Light of Love
Forever and a Day
A Love For All Time
Take Me To Heart
Kensington Dafina Titles
Craving Temptations (Just Desserts Series) - Coming October 2014
The Sweetest Thing (Just Desserts Series) - Coming March 2014
All I Want Is You with Kayla Perrin
MaGregor Press Literary Titles
Love Eats
Graye* (A haunting Southern tale that stays with you!)
Rested Waters


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