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Friday, December 13, 2013

The Deatri King-Bey Collection

When a writer can make you fall in love, cheer for or against a killer and tell you how to be a successful author, she is pretty amazing. That's Deatri King-Bey. She has enough diversity in her work to satisfy every reader on your list!

Beauty and the Beast
Broken Promises
Christmas Angel (Second Chances)
Diamond in the Rough
Ebony Angel
If You Only Knew
Love’s Desire (Free Read)
Journey’s End
Santa’s Helper (Write Brothers Series Book II)
Silk Scarves and Apples (Second Chances)
Tease (Write Brothers Series Book IV)
Tell Her How You Feel (Write Brothers Series Book I)
The Drama The Street and the Seduction (Free Read)
The Only Option (Second Chances)
The Other Realm
Third Time’s A Charm (Write Brothers Series Book III)
Trapped In Paradise (Free Read)
Whisper Something Sweet

Suspense (as L. L. Reaper)
Black Widow and the Sandman
Birth of the Black Widow (Free Read)
The Sandman Cometh (Free Read)
Women’s Fiction
Caught Up
Jodie’s Choice
Operation White Rose
Picture Perfect

Become A Successful Author

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