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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sample Sunday: Hot Undercover Bosses Box set coming July 5th

Twelve of the top voices in Romance have come together to create the box set of the summer! Hot Undercover Bosses

Today, I'm sharing a sample of my novella, Hard For The Money.  Make sure you PreOrder today! 

            Briana smiled at the sign sitting on the front desk, Winter Wonderland Masquerade Ball. She’d created this party three years ago. A place for vacationing snowbirds to cut loose and wear something other than heavy coats and mittens. Most of the partiers were known to show up in elaborate masks and barely-there bathing suits or body-hugging dresses that left little to the imagination. Briana remembered the winter that she and Kevin had stopped in to attend the party. The sexy atmosphere had reminded her of a naughty Mardi Gras. Kevin hadn’t been as impressed, telling his then wife if people knew this was going on at this resort, it would affect their family-friendly places.
            Briana didn’t agree, then or now. She couldn’t wait for the ball and figured attending would calm her down before her meeting with the asshole who thought she was going to run her empire with him. Been there, done that. She was the boss, and it was going to stay that way. Taking a deep breath, she headed for the gift shop to take stock of the inventory and find something to wear for the ball.
            Briana was impressed by the store and the staff, who were friendly and helpful. They’d obviously taken note of her strict customer service guidelines. Part of her wondered if the new guy planned to keep her staff in tact. She would hate to see these women out on the street looking for work when they’d been so nice to her. The gold bikini and five-inch stiletto sandals they’d insisted she try on had been a hit. Briana probably would’ve gone with a one-piece, but Lauren, her salesperson, said when in South Beach, you couldn’t go wrong with a bikini.
            As she glanced at herself in the mirror, Briana knew Lauren was right. Since her divorce, Briana had taken up boxing over traditional therapy to work through her anger issues. Even if she and Kevin hadn’t been happy during the last year of their marriage, he was still her first love and used to be her best friend. It hurt that she’d lost her friend more than losing her husband. And as much as she wanted to blame his new wife, Kevin had a mind of his own and he’d thrown their friendship away. She was tired of losing things and this resort was the last straw. This she would fight for—tomorrow. Tonight, she was going to be sexy and have a great time.
            With her bags in tow, Briana headed back to her room. As she crossed the lobby, she caught the eye of an Adonis. The man was breathtaking: dark chocolate, bald-headed, with a goatee seasoned with gray hair. But it was the eyes that made her slow her gait. A bright mix of blue and green that made his face sparkle. And that body, looking as if it had been cut from mystical ebony wood.
            “Hello,” he said, his voice deep and seductive.
            “Hi.” Briana hoped she didn’t sound like a squeaky wheel.
            “Are you going to this?” He pointed to the sign.
            She held up her bag. “Got my outfit ready. But you’re not going to be able to find me.”
            “Yes, I will. I’m going to be looking for my dance.”
            Briana chuckled. “Well, if you find me, I’ll give you a dance you’ll never forget.”
            “I’m holding you to that, beautiful,” he said with a wink.
            Briana tried to ignore the moisture pooling between her thighs as she walked to the elevator. Who was this man? And how was she going to make sure he found her at the ball?

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