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Friday, April 19, 2013

Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop: Part 29-A

It’s safe to say that after my extended lunch with no food, I was starving by the time my shift ended. As I made up my mind to head to Crisp in Plaza Midwood, my phone rang and it was David. For whatever reason, I was sure that I wouldn’t hear from him again today. I thought we’d do that dance that people did after a day of sex. Color me surprised and happy. But when I answered the phone, I played it cool. “Hello?”
“What’s up, Mimi?”
God, his voice made me wet or was it the fact that I knew what he could do with those lips and that tongue. “Hi,” I said, glad he couldn’t see the dorky ass smile on my face.
“I still owe you a meal. Do you have dinner plans?”
“I was just about to go grab a salad at Crisp.”
“A salad? For dinner?”
“Yes. What’s wrong with that?”
“Are you a vegan?”
“Just a bootleg vegetarian,” I said honestly. Since I’ve been in Charlotte, I had gone to get chicken from the famed Chicken Coop in South End. Honestly, I wasn’t that impressed. People love it and swear by it though. God, don’t let him suggest that place, I thought as he said he knew the perfect spot for dinner that would consist of more than a salad.
“I promise, it will be worth your while.”
“And we’re actually going to eat this time, right?”
“Funny. We’re going to eat first, what comes next –might just be you all over again.”
I didn’t care where he wanted to eat as long as the evening ended with me doing exactly what he said – coming all over again.
“Well, I’m still at work, do you want to meet at the spot?”
“You know the way,” he said. “I cooked.”
“You said that at lunch and I’m still starving. Satisfied, but starving.”
“I really did cook, steamed Tilapia, spinach and grilled corn on the cob.”
Fish is certainly not my favorite dish (all apologies to Rakim), but I agreed anyway. I guess it was time for round two.

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