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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Waiting For The Other Shoe to Drop: Part 27

How and when we made it into his place is still kind of foggy to me. But in a flash, I was pressed against the ivory wall of his foyer with my legs wrapped around his waist and my lips kissing mine. Our tongues danced as his hands squeezed and massaged my breasts. I wanted him so bad that it hurt. My legs quivered and I wanted this sensual torture to end. Reaching down, I stroked his hardness through his pants. He moaned and I stroked faster. His mouth opened and the heat from his from his breath added to the lustful inferno raging in my body. I struggled to unsnap his pants and was grateful for his assistance and the strength he had to keep me up right. David’s thighs looked as if they’d been cut from the finest marble. And that throbbing erection peeking through his silk boxers, the Statue of David should be jealous. When he caught my glance, he smiled. “See something you like?”
Smart ass.
“Let me show you how much I like it,” I said as I unfurled my legs from around him and dropped to my knees. I gripped his shaft and ran my tongue up and down the length of his cock. My mouth watered as I took him deep inside. David howled and gripped my neck. I sucked harder, massaging his balls as my tongue tickled and teased the tip of his dick. Deeper. His moans grew louder and louder. Then I dipped down and rained kisses on his balls and felt his knees quake. Gentle sucks, his dick got harder and he murmured something in Spanish, French or Lust as he grabbed my shoulders. I returned my hot mouth to his dick, savoring the taste of his pre-come and the power I had over this man. This man who had tortured my dreams and my body with his tongue. Talk about instant karma. David shivered. I felt his body go tense. He pulled back from me, shaking his head. “I want to come inside you and if you touch me with those lips one more time, it’s going to be a wrap.” He scooped me up and dashed up the stairs to his bedroom. Inside, he laid me against the soft down comforter covering his king size bed. David spread my legs apart and strummed the wet folds of flesh between my thighs. I began to understand why Toni Braxton sang about a Spanish Guitar. I doubt the sounds coming from me were lyrical or coherent, but what I felt was amazingly delicious.
When David rolled that condom on his hardness, I don’t know but the moment his fingers stopped strumming and I felt his dick split me open, my mind drew a huge blank. He led me in this erotic dance; I kept pace with his thrusts, his strokes and ground against him until my passion spilled down my thighs.
“Look at me,” he commanded in a gentle growl. “Look at me.”
I opened my eyes, looked into his whisky brown ones. Could he see through to my soul? Did he understand what was happening to my body as he thrust in and out? Trembling, shaking, this was the biggest orgasm I’d ever had with my eyes open. And we weren’t even done yet.  

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