Chatting with Loretta R. Walls, author of The Majestic Dynasty

Loretta R. Walls, author of The Majestic Dynasty
After graduating high school, the Maxwell Posse are ready to take on college –except for Tiffany Me’ Lisa Rivera-English, that is. Prior to graduating, the popular teen was presented with an opportunity of a lifetime, thanks to a close family friend. One of her dreams – to become a supermodel – was about to unfold.

Engaged to Trenton English, a new modeling career and living in another country couldn’t stop the Rivera Princess from achieving her goals – or could they? A secret from Trent’s past has the potential to put Tiffany in harm’s way.

In the midst of learning the modeling industry, the legacy of Tiffany’s idol is placed within her grasp. The real question is does she have the heart to embrace all that Melody Montanez has left behind?

Open your passports and prepare to jet set across the globe. Rocking runways to rickshaws, nothing is off limits when one desires…The Majestic Dynasty

When you meet Loretta R. Walls, you meet a powerhouse and one of the most genuine people ever. She's funny and passionate about the art of writing. She paints portraits with her words and creates unforgettable characters. And she opened a book talking about an unsatisfying encounter with BOB (battery operated boyfriend). Now that's how you hook a reader.  

1.       Tell the readers about your latest The Majestic Dynasty?

The Majestic Dynasty is the second book in the Tiffany Rivera series.(Meet her for the first time in A Fantasy of Love .) The main character, Tiffany Rivera-English has been offered an exclusive opportunity to become a model with a reputable agency. Her goal is to rule the fashion industry and work on her music career in between assignments. 

2.       Tiffany is such a dynamic character, how did you create her?

Tiffany is a combination of quiet strength, beauty, talent and underestimated presence. She tends to be silent when things are tense, but she's always mindful of what is unfolding around her. Most of the time she's being protected by the close group of friends that know her best.
3.       What’s next for Tiffany and when can we expect her next adventure?

 With experience in the modeling world and beyond, Tiffany's ready to what she loves most: sing. Her next endeavor will surface with the third installment, slated for an early 2014 release. 

4.       Facebook is abuzz about The Majestic Dynasty, how does it make you feel to see such a great response to your work?

The promotion circulating on Facebook and other social media sites has been astounding. I'm honored that so many people have taken an interest in this story. I hope they are entertained and enjoy the journey throughout the novel.

5.       How can readers reach out to you? Facebook, Twitter, web site. . .
 Feel free to reach out to me in any of the following formats: 
           Twitter: or Embue1


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