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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Waiting For The Other Shoe to Drop: Part 28

I’ve read books where women describe seeing colors while having sex. Rainbows exploding in the background and stars flashing before their eyes. Ask me what I thought about that five minutes ago and I would’ve told you bullshit. Ask me now, while I’m seeing blue diamonds explode while David pounds me with relentless passion. Yeah, that’s real. I can’t count the number of times I’ve screamed or the number of orgasms.
My body had never felt such pleasure and ached with such a wonderful pain. The pain of satisfaction and sated need to stop. Was this man popping Viagra or Cialis? We’d been going hard for an hour. It was getting hard to breathe, hard to keep my legs wrapped around him. Obviously there is a limit on the number of orgasms I’m supposed to have in an hour. He looked down at me with those eyes and kissed me on my neck. That was it.  My body went limp as he shook with his release.
David held me against his sweaty chest. He still smelled amazing, OK, pheromones were real and his were freaking amazing. My body twitched, wanting him more. But I was unable to move and when he kissed me, I felt another explosion between my thighs.
“Amazing,” he whispered as our lips parted. “Simply amazing.”
“Yes, you were,” I intoned.
“I hate to let you go back to work, I want more.”
“I can’t feel my legs.”
“That’s a good thing—or do I need to call 9-1-1?”
Laughing, I tried sit up, but David held me against his massive chest.  I didn’t move, just stared into those whisky brown eyes. Hypnotic. “You know,” I said. “You still owe me lunch.”
“Let’s make it dinner and breakfast, tonight.”
How could I saw no?
I was a half hour late returning to work and I prayed no one saw what was really going on with me. I strained to hear the whispers, just in case someone put two and two together. Then Sonia called me into her office. Busted.
“How was lunch?” she asked with a sly smile on her face.
Tuning away from her, I smiled and said, “Sorry I’m late.”
“That’s not a problem. I guess you stopped seeing David as my cousin and what not.”
“You could say that.”
“I don’t want to know and I don’t want whatever you two are doing to influence your work or our relationship. I’m going to have this same conversation with him.”
“I understand and I .  .  .”
Sonia raised her hand to quiet me. “Like I said, I don’t want to know. I don’t want either of you to put me in a position where I have to take sides or know personal things that I shouldn’t know.”
“Understood,” I said then stood up and nodded at my boss and mentor.
“Glad you got a life though. And you might want to stop by the restroom and put your shirt on outside in.”

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