The Carmen Chronicles

The Carmen Chronicles
Five years after the death of Carmen De La Croix, New York Daily Observer reporter, Clara Fields uncovered what drove Solomon Crawford’s former right hand woman to madness.
This is what she found out:
                The violent end to Carmen De La Croix’s life seemed to be a self fulfilling prophecy. Born Chelsea Rodriguez, the little girl was placed up for adoption at the age of three. She was raised by a woman who she thought was her mother, but Angela Chavez was one of the New York City Department of Child Services foster parents. During the 1980s, there were some women who used the foster system as a way to supplement their income and Chavez was one of the worst.
                According to county records, Chavez had collected payments in excess of $40,000 for children who were no longer in her care. Because there wasn’t a great system of checks and balances, it was years before the fraud was discovered and too late to save Chelsea from abuse that she suffered at the hands of Angela and her husband.
Coming soon: A monster is created, not born

Clara Fields. 

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