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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lucky Number 10 --Press release from my publicist.

This November, author Cheris Hodges will celebrate the release of her tenth book, Betting On Love.
The novel follows her successfully 2008 release, Let’s Get It On, by telling the story of James Goings, brother of NFL super star Maurice Goings from Let’s Get It On.
“I knew I had to tell James’s story because he was such a big part of Maurice’s life and he deserved to get a life of his own,” Hodges said.
Betting On Love starts off in Las Vegas, where Hodges said she got inspiration to write the book after spending a weekend in Sin City with her best friend.
“I had a great weekend in Las Vegas and when I returned home, the sights and sounds of the iconic Vegas strip stayed with me, so I looked at my vacation pictures and started writing. It was a lot of fun,” she said.
Here’s that the book is about:
What Happens In Vegas…
High-stakes action and even hotter men are all Jade Christian wants now that her scheming boyfriend has aced her out of his bed and their successful company. But her Vegas weekend spree has turned into several nights of steamy commitment-free hookups with easygoing businessman James Goings—and he’s becoming the one bet she can’t resist …
Is Just The Beginning…
Growing up in the shadow of his famous athlete brother taught James that focusing on his career was far safer than trusting beautiful women. His sizzling encounters with Jade could almost change his mind … if he wasn’t afraid she’d use him for revenge on her ex. But the more he sees of the real, down-to-earth woman behind the seductress, the more James will risk to win her love for a lifetime…

Betting On Love arrives in stores this November from Dafina Books, a division of Kensington Publications.
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