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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Now I see why old men like it when young women flirt with them. . .

Aww, HBCU homecomings, there is nothing like going back and seeing your old friends. This past weekend, Johnson C. Smith University celebrated homecoming. As a proud Golden Bull alum, I hung out a little.
Friday night was happy hour and I was about to order a drink when this guy approached me and asked did we graduate together.
I had never seen this chocolate tenderoni before, so I asked, "What year did you graduate?"
In my head I did a backflip, a split and a handstand. Outwardly, I had to play it cool. "No. I graduated in 1999."
"Really? But you look so young."

In my head, I was moonwalking. That almost makes up for me not getting carded when I ordered my wine.

I used to have this love/hate relationship with growing up and growing old. I lied about my age for years. When I was 30, I told my niece and nephews I was 24. They thought  I was 24 for five years.
Then I realized something, I getting older means you're still living. I'm not some Hollywood actress who's getting passed over for roles because I'm 36. And honestly, I wouldn't want to do my 20s over again. No. Thank. You!

So, the younger man thought we were the same age. That was really cute. No wonder Hugh Hefner surrounds himself with girls his granddaughter's age.

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