Chatting with Deatri King-Bey: Precious Jewels series

It's release day for author Deatri King-Bey and the start of a new series!
Cue the happy dance. 
Deatri is taking us inside the Precious Jewels security agency starting with Amber. Here's why you should be excited; when it comes to story telling, Deatri is one of the best!

Tell the readers about your new Precious Jewels series. 

The Precious Jewels are a four sister security force to be reckoned with. Introduced in my Write Brothers series, these women kick butt now and take names later. Each sister is used to being in control of her life, so giving in to the uncontrollable things that go along with falling in love won’t be easy for them. Amber is the taskmaster of the group. Everything must be done according to plan. There is right and wrong, no gray. Not until Malachi comes along and blurs all the lines. Ruby is the fixer. If something is wrong or out of place, she figures out how to fix it. Pearl is the thrill seeker. She hasn’t met a mountain she hasn’t wanted to climb or a perfectly good plane she hasn’t wanted to jump out of. Jade… Baby Jade just wants to be left alone to her shop, but keeps getting pulled in to assignments.

How did you come up with the idea for this romantic suspense series? 

In the majority of romantic suspense books, it’s the female who needs to be rescued. Well, I’m not into damsels in distress. So I wrote the Write Brothers series in a way they needed to call upon the ladies for assistance.

I love strong heroines and after reading chapter one, I have to know . . .where did the inspiration for Amber come from? 

I grew up in the 70s on blacksploitation films. If I were to re-watch them now, I’d probably be offended, but as a kid, the women in those movies were heroes to me. Much bigger than life. Amber is a cross between my memories of those women and my mom updated for a contemporary audience.  

How many Precious Jewels can we expect? 

Next up is Ruby in Ms. Fix It. Those of you who remember Cody from my title Third Time’s A Charm, will be happy. Then Pearl becomes – Teachers Pet. And last but not least is Jade. I have her story, but not a title for it yet.

Give us the links so that we can buy this exciting novel!


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