Happy New Year!! 2015 is here

It is 2015 and I want to wish all of you reading this blog the best in this new year.

Remember when Back To The Future came out and we thought we'd be in flying cars by now? Oh, well, we're not flying yet. I think we'll be there by 2025!

As the balloons and confetti dropped at midnight on Jan. 1, I was already sleeping. Hence, the late well wishes. But like Katy Perry, I'm wide awake now and I'm hoping you will help me with a new count down!

Count down to the release of Rumor Has It

This is the first book in the Rumor series. So, in 2015, let's #SpreadRumors. 
Please help me make this book a success. Preorder now! 
You can get it from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Between the Lines Bookstore, Hueman Bookstore or your favorite retailer. 

Leading up to the May release, check in with me on Facebook, here on the blog and Twitter for giveaways and all that good stuff. 


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