Tell your gifted girl story. . .Gumbo Soup for the Soul: Stories to Inspire Gifted Girls and Women of Color

If you grew up young, gifted, black and female, your story is needed.

Gumbo Soup for the Soul: Stories to Inspire Gifted Girls and Women of Color 
DUE May 15, 2015
Co-Editors: Donna Y. Ford, Joy Lawson Davis, Michelle Trotman Scott, and Yolande Sealey-Ruiz
We have at least 20 chapters... looking for me... we encourage you to submit.. ONLY 5 pages !!! 
The stories we are seeking are from professional women who had to overcome a difficult challenge in their teen years to become successful. Stories from successful Black and Latino females/women who overcame great odds/obstacles like peer pressures, poverty, low teacher expectations, teen pregnancy, early high school dropout, drug use, homelessness, etc., are solicited. FOCUS ON 1-2 CHALLENGES (does not have to be tragic). Authors should be between the ages of 25-65. So, if you or anyone you know is interested please have them contact one of us asap via inbox message here or our emails: and The story should only about 5 pages long, double spaced. This book will be like a 'chicken soup' for the Gifted and/or high achieving female from challenging circumstances and wish to share words of advice!
This is probably one of the most important projects I've seen in a long time and I implore you to take the time and share your story.
Too many young girls of color don't have real role models. The media stuffs reality shows down our collective throats and there are a number of people who believe those images. But the reality of life is there are a number of brilliant black women our girls can look up to.

Are you one of the gifted girls who became a brilliant woman? Tell your story!


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