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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Forget April Fool’s Day. It’s The Day to Celebrate One To Love by Michelle Monkou

Yes, it’s April Fool Day, not only in the U.S., but also in several countries.

But it also happens to be the day that I am celebrating the release of my latest Kimani title, One To Love. Now that’s more important.

So, let’s pause and take a moment to enjoy this cover. Now although the guy has the hat and the horse in the background, it’s not a cowboy story. Instead, he is a retired soccer player who is working on the renovation of a horse riding ring where equine therapy is conducted for children with various disabilities. That should earn him a couple of cool points, right?

My research included equine therapy facilities and the umbrella association for these services. I also researched the type of horses that are generally best suited for such tasks. And with the injuries suffered by the hero, I had a lot of visual examples of soccer players suffering some brutal takedowns during the World Cup in Brazil.

A lot of elements will always influence my work, enriching the mix into an entertaining and memorable work that a reader may latch onto with fond recollections. At the end of the day, it’s the reader who is the end user, the one who will take it in and ask for more (hopefully).

Take a read and leave a review. I love hearing from readers to know what they enjoyed or not.

So now you may resume playing April Fools.

All the best,

Michelle Monkou

Michelle Monkou ( is a multi-published author with over 20 books in print and digital. She began her writing career in 2002 with Black Entertainment Television (BET) Books, Arabesque imprint.

Michelle is also an active participant with romance writers’ advocacy efforts. She served on the boards and as presidents of Washington Romance Writers, and the 10,000 membership Romance Writers of America. She’s a weekly contributor on USA TODAY’s Happy Ever Blog providing commentary on romance fiction.

Michelle's One to Love is now available.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for hosting me, Cheris. Much appreciated. Hugs.

Cheris Hodges said...

Anytime, lady!