Meet Ashley Fayton!

In my first ever blog post, I want to say somethings that has steadily been on my mind. Hopefully, it'll help you understand a little about me. 

1. I am a Christian. But I'm also me. Beautifully, flawed me. I seek after God's face but I'm not there yet. Therefore, I curse sometimes, I act a fool sometimes and I do me sometimes. I guess someone would consider me a "Liberal Christian." I honestly don't care what you call me, but just keep it classy when you do call me. 

2. Fuck love! (That cursing happened quick didn't it?) Love just might be the greatest pimp/terrorist/hoe ever created. Forget money, the desire of love is the root of all evil.
I have a great respect for love. I want it more than anything I've ever wanted in life. It's the one constant prayer I have. While everyone else is on their knees Sunday morning asking God for a house, new car, more money; or for my less self-involved readers, better health, their son's salvation or a better understanding of Him, my happy ass is on my knees praying to God for my soul mate. I know, I know, I know. I should be happy by myself and blah blah blah blah blah. But if we're being real honest - and I plan to - I am happy with me, however, you can only love yourself so much before you want a man - or a woman, whatever floats your boat - next to you to share your triumphs and failures.
It's not a odd request but love is too busy whoring around with everybody else and they momma to come see about me. Love loves to give it up to ere'body on the block but me. It is the MOST frustrating thing in the world to be habitually single. To have that be as constant in everybody's lives be paying taxes, the Republican's screwing us over [pick any "us" you want. They're screwing you over if you're not a billionaire] and Ashley still ain't got a man. Ugh.
I do want to clear up a possible misconceptions; in frustrated not desperate. I've had offers over the years but I refuse to settle for anything less than someone who is fitted for me. If this blog bit is a continuous thing, maybe we'll find that person together. 
Well, I had a 800 word maximum here and no computer, just a cellphone, so I'm going to assume I exceeded my limited here.
There's more to me than what's on this paper. But that's what's on my mind tonight. 
Much love to all of y'all... 
Ashley Fayt
**the views expressed in the previously written essay do not express the views and opinions on Cheris Hodges or any affiliates of her group. So if you want to sue someone, sue me. I'm broke anyway. But you'll never be broke as long as I owe you. 


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