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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Why the Jem and The Holograms movie should've flopped!

So, as part of my Sunday writing routine, I watch Jem and the Holograms —the cartoon not that craptistic movie!

Well, the Jacqui Benton episode came on. And I got totally pissed off again. In this episode, we discover the Synergy, the computer that created Jem and the Holograms was built by her father in her mother's likeness.
For that damned punk ass screen writer to turn Synergy into a Furby is just stupid, dumb, worst thing ever! And one million dollars was too much for that crappy movie to make! I'd watch Hannah Montana before I watch that stupid ass movie!
This is Synergy

This is some bullshit

1 comment:

Ty said...

Oh my. That's like doing a Transformers movie and turning Optimus Prime into a skateboard.