And then she decided that she was enough

If you've been following along on my blog lately, you may have noticed I've gotten a little more personal that normal. The past two years have been a mess in portions of my life. Hell, my love life. My love life has been a B movie with an ending that pisses off everyone in the movie theatre.

Did this crap really happen? Are we supposed to believe this shit?

You'd think the romance writer would have it together in the love department. After all, I've seen real love. My parents and my siblings have been married for DECADES. But there's something that just doesn't work out for me when I meet Mr. Right Now. 
Even when you follow conventional wisdom and take it slow or if you jump in head over feet and move at the speed of light, the results are the same. Done-dada! Nothing. Ziltch. 

I have decided that my life is not one of the stories that I tell. (I used to love second chance stories, but in real life most mother@#ckers don't deserve a first chance.)
Even if you meet a dude at the book store, he probably can't read and is there because someone told him women in bookstores are easy.

Next thing is, I've decided I'm enough. If you can't handle me, the good, the bad and the crazy then at like Ludacris and move.

And finally, I'm taking the rest of the year to spend time doing what Cheris wants to do. Coffee drinking, traveling and writing!

And maybe buying some new electronics and no, not those! LOL!


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