An interview with Carver Banks from Deadly Rumors

Welcome to Coffee Talk. After last week’s interview with Zoe Harrington, we had to give Carver Banks equal time and he decided to talk with us.
Carver Banks is a war hero and a top FBI agent. He's agreed to talk to us today, basically in response to Zoe Harrington's interview last week. Carver, thank you for being here with us today. 
Carver: Thanks for having me. I just want to set the record straight about Zoe Harrington and myself. 
Interviewer: How did you and Zoe meet?
Carver: We met at a party. I’d never seen a woman with more swag and a more incredible ass. 
Interviewer: Was it a mutual attraction?
Carver: I’m going to say yes, but Zoe sees things differently. I’ll leave it like this, she was just as excited as I was when we rode off on a motorcycle.
Interviewer: Sounds exciting. How did things between you two go so sour?
Carver: Who said things were sour? I’d like to think that Zoe and I have a great working relationship. She’s a smart investigator and we make a great team.
Interviewer: Professionally or personally?
Carver: I’m not answering that.
Interviewer: Zoe had a lot of negative things to say about you when she sat here. Do you think she’s still angry because you arrested her?
Carver: That’s a question you have to ask Zoe. I know better than to speak for her.
Investigator: What’s your relationship like with Zoe’s twin brother Zach?
Carver: We don’t talk about that. It’s classified.
Interviewer: So, that Harlem Madame investigation is ongoing?
Carver: (Shaking his head) This interview is over. Good day. (Leaves the room) 

Find out the truth about Carver and Zoe in Deadly Rumors
Elite investigator Zoe Harrington isn't about to be fooled twice. She knows all the tempting by-any-means-necessary games FBI agent Carver Banks will use to close a case. So when he needs her help with a missing persons case, she's happy to charge him double the fee—and keep his sizzling moves at arm’s length. But when the search strikes too close to home, Zoe finds the passion between them reigniting past the danger point . . . 
Carver doesn't want to deceive Zoe again. He's never stopped wanting the sexy private detective who can match him play for passionate play. But she's at the top of a hit list. And he'll do whatever it takes to keep her out of harm’s way—until Zoe uncovers his true agenda. Now, how can he prove his love for her is real? And with time running out, will their one chance to survive mean losing each other forever?

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