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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Thor: Ragnarok The rise of the women!

*Spoiler Alert-Who runs the world? Girls! (In my Beyonce Voice)
The last time we saw Thor, the God of Thunder, it is was in the clunky movie, Thor: The Dark World. 
In the latest movie, Thor is back and proves two things, men ain't shit and women run the world.
Now, I'm not going to give the entire movie away. But take note of this, women kick his ass the whole movie. And what makes it even sweeter is one of the women putting the smack down on Thor is a black woman. Valkyrie, played by the amazing Tessa Thompson, steps on the scene kicking ass, including Thor's. 
And she's drunk while doing it. Get it girl! 
I've decided, along with my movie partner Erica, that Tessa Thompson is living my BEST life. She got to kiss Michael B. Jordan in Creed and she had so much chemistry with Chris Hemsworth that it nearly melted the screen. We love and hate her at the same time. 
What made the Valkyrie character so amazing, as my friend K.D. King and I discussed at length, is that she is kick ass and doesn't need NO MAN to save her, but she's also willing to accept help. You just don't know how good it felt to see a woman of color on screen whooping ass and taking names. 
If you know me, you know I love super heroes and comic books and movies about them. This movie made me laugh and warmed my heart to see someone who looked like me doing what I think I can do in my mind. All hail Valkyrie! 
And on another level, Valkyrie is every black woman who works in corporate America with an mediocre man as a supervisor. Ain't no way he could do this shit without you! Go to work Monday and channel your inner Valkyrie. 
A weakness in Marvel movies, and trust me there aren't many, has been the villain. Not this time. Hela, played by Cate Blanchett, is the perfect evil woman who is not here for your bullshit. 

And she's going to do everything to get what she believes is hers and that means she's going to kick Thor and Loki's ass to do so. While I wasn't rooting for her, I wasn't mad at her for going HAM on Asgard. No spoilers here, but think about why Bernadine burned up John's shit in Waiting To Exhale. 

They brought it on themselves. 

And Hela, just like Valkryie, beat the hell out of Thor. Several times. She was evil, she was funny and she was a blood thirsty Goddess of Death who wasn't playing with you mofos! 
This is the super hero movie we've been waiting for. It's funny. And yes, it is OK for a super hero movie to be funny. It's action packed. And the Hulk steals the show. We're finally getting a Hulk that we'd want see in a solo movie. 
Go check out Thor: Ragnarok, you will not be disappointed! 

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