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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jackson Hewitt sucks

Here's what I sent to these sorry sap suckers (that's the SC in me)
To Jackson Hewitt:
You people have no ethics. To charge a customer $35 because your tax services are too expensive is ridiculous. I've used Jackson Hewitt in the past, but $414 for a tax return is too much and a cancellation fee, which says it MAY be charged to be accessed has cost you people a customer as well as the devil may care attitude of your employees. I will tell everyone I know on social media, in the media and that I pass in the street not to use you unethical people. My information BETTER be deleted from your system or I will sue you. I want my $35 back or I will make NOISE that will cost you more than $35. 

Don't use Jackson Hewitt, they have low morals and no customer service.

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