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Monday, April 5, 2010

Michael Steele plays the race card and flops

The head of the GOP Michael Steele is having a hard time.
Not because he signed off on a meeting at a bondage club or because the members of the GOP would rather be led by Rush 'I'm leaving but still here and healthcare reform was passed' Limbaugh, but because he and President Barack Obama are black.
Excuse me, but when did you become a black man?
I'm not one of those people who believes that you can't talk about Obama because he's back. He's a politician, we're going to have issues with him.
But Michael Steele is a token. He knew that when his black ass was offered the job as the head of the RNC.
So to hear him utter this bullshit:
Stephanopoulos, offering up a question from a viewer named "Myron" via his blog, asked, "Do you feel that, as an African-American, you have a slimmer margin for error than another chairman would?"
"The honest answer is yes," said Steele responded. "Barack Obama has a slimmer margin. A lot of folks do. It's a different role for me to play and others to play and that's just the reality of it. But you take that as part of the nature of it."
Makes me want to vomit. Steele, you're a hypocrite. The worse kind of racist because you're black when it works for you. Are we supposed to give a damn about your feelings now? You stand behind the party of No.
Robert Gibbs has it right when he spoke out and said this:
Meanwhile, the White House has already weighed in with a jaundiced view of Steele's racial observations. When a reporter sought comment at Monday morning's press briefing, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs called Steele's racial aside a "silly comment to make" and quipped, "I think Michael Steele's problem isn't the race card; it's the credit card." 
You can't be black when you want sympathy. Your people aren't following you, so now the rest of us black folks are supposed to support you. You're making the ancestors roll over in their graves with this bullshit. Please sit down and shut the hell up. 

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