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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Essence has lost her way

When it comes to fashion, Cosmo, Elle and Vanity Fair have never been friends to sisters. But we always had Essence.

That's right, had. Essence, once the black woman's bible, has hired a white fashion editor. Really?
It's bad enough that the magazine has become a chocolate coated Cosmo. It's all about the celebs and not the average black woman.
Where is Susan Taylor when you need her?

I can't remember the last time that I picked up a copy of Essence and felt empowered. Not since the take back the music campaign. Everybody wants to talk about this post racial society, but we are far from there. Just ask Shirley Sherrod
Still, black women need something of our own. We had that with Essence -- once upon a time. Where do black women go to get that support, that "You Go, Girl?" Now, it seems no where.
I don't know what some white chick will be able to tell me about fashion. Will she know how some jeans don't fit a black woman's body. We have ass, you know.

When Time took over Essence, I was afraid something like this would happen. The whitewashing of Essence begins.

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