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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Unfaithfully Yours Part IV

            Drea lost herself in the weeding of the garden. She hadn’t even noticed the white car that pulled into the driveway as she tugged at a group of pesky dandelions. Once upon a time she’d thought they were the flowers and actually used to cry when she saw her dad tossing them away. She threw them haphazardly to her left.
            "Wow, it's like that?" a deep male voice said, causing Drea to bolt upright and shield her eyes from the sun. She allowed her eyes to wander his tall, lean yet muscular body. He wore a white tank top that made his dark brown skin glow in the sunlight. Grey basketball shorts that hung past his knees. The black aviator glasses that covered his eyes placed the focus on his lips. Full. Thick. Oh shit, wet because his pink tongue just licked them.
            "Sorry about that," she said. "But, umm, who are you?"
            He took off his sunglasses and Drea nearly tumbled over. "Shun?"
            "Do I look that different?" he asked, flashing a radiant smiled that was more blinding than the sun. She stood up and never felt shorter in her life. What was this guy eating?
            "Were you always this tall?" she asked breathlessly. Drea had a weakness for tall men with dark brown skin tones.
            "If I was, you always had your head in a book, and never noticed anyway." He smiled again and she did the same. Then thought about what her head looked like now. Damn, she had to look a hot mess. But when she looked into his eyes, it didn't seem to matter.
            "What are you doing with yourself these days?" she asked, forcing her hungry eyes away from those toned arms.
            "After high school, I decided to join the Marines."
            "Wow," she said then gave him a salute.
            "I'm not ready for college, but I dammed sure didn't want to work in one of these factories."
            "Or flip burgers at Hardees," she added. "There are no opportunities here for young people."
            Shun nodded and Drea saw his dog tags. She reached up and touched them, reminded of her father's Army dog tags that she wore for years. He was close to her heart that way. Now she kept them draped around an 8x10 of him in his dress blues. Shun seemed to feel the wave of sadness washing through her.
            "I was sorry to hear about your Dad." His voice was quiet and tender, like a gentle breeze caressing her cheek.
            "Yeah," was all she could say. She hated condolences. But when he wiped a smudge of dirt from her cheek, his sorry comforted her.
            "I know it's last minute, but do you want to go to the movies tonight?"
            She locked eyes with his, holding the gaze for a moment longer than necessary. “Sure,” she finally said. “What are we going to see?”
            He shrugged. “Honestly, I just want to get you alone in the dark and eat popcorn.”
            “Ooh, aren’t you forward,” she joked, despite the amorous thoughts rolling through her mind.
            “I’d better go inside and speak to your mom,” he said and turned toward the back door.
            “Wait,” she said as she kneeled down and dusted the black dirt from the dandelions off his shoes. “You don’t want to track dirt into Aretha’s kitchen.” As she rose to her feet, he cupped her face in his hands. “You know, I’ve wanted to do this since freshman year,” he said then kissed her. Slowly. His tongue danced with hers and sending wanton sensations throughout her body. She felt a warm trickle between her thighs and right before she and Shun went a step too far, Aretha called out her daughter’s name.
            “Yashira’s on the phone,” she said. Drea looked up at Shun, her hooded eyes clouded by lust and desire.
            “We’d better go inside,” she said. 

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