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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Unfaithfully Yours

Restless and suspicious, Drea decided tonight was the night to finally admit the truth. Shun was never going to marry her. Their relationship was as dead as the batteries in her vibrator.
Rising from the sofa where she'd spent the last hour sitting and cutting up the pictures she had of him from his time in Bosnia, she grabbed her leather motorcycle jacket and the keys to her motorcycle. She needed to clear her mind and she didn't give a damn about the threat of snow and the chilly temperatures on the Charlotte streets.
Pulling her leather gloves on as she headed walked out of her town house, Drea brushed away a warm tear and crossed over to her bike. She hopped on the cycle and started it up just as the first drops of freezing rain began to fall. She should've gone inside and forgotten about riding to Shun's house to confront him about his latest cheating incident. How many times had she found out about him sleeping with another girl, most of the time by his own admission. There had been the cashier at the gas station who'd given him free gas because he ate her pussy. And then there had been the Army Sergent who'd bragged about how good she gave head and he just had to find out.
But this. This time, he'd gone to gotdamned far. Shun had slept with her friend, Yashira. Before she pulled out of the parking lot, she read the text message again.
Drea, I'm sorry. U know I love you, but the thing with me and Shun just happened. We were drinking and one thing led to another. I couldn't keep this from you. Y.
"Couldn't keep it from me?" Drea growled. "Bitch!"
Normally, Drea didn't blame the other women. They weren't the ones who'd made a commitment to her. But Yashira was a horse of a different color. Yashira had sat with her at Starbucks and listened to her cry about Shun and how he'd hurt her with all of the other women. Now, she was one of them. If she wanted Shun, she'd had years to make him hers. Hell, she'd been the one to introduce them. As Drea tore out of the parking lot, the freezing rain began to fall harder. Heading around the corner, her front wheel slipped on a patch of ice and she tumbled from the motorcycle. Everything went black as pain savaged her body.

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