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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Unfaithfully Yours, Part V(and a half)

       Yashira and Drea had spent the majority of the afternoon in and out of shoe stores before Drea picked out a pair of silver strappy open toe heels.
       “Those shoes are hot, you’re going to have to let me borrow them,” Yashira said.
                “Depends on how the night turns out,” she replied with a flirty smile. Drea glanced at her watch.  “Let’s grab some lunch and talk about you and Calvin.”
                “Yes on the lunch, no on the talk of Calvin. Lying, cheating bastard. Last night we decided to go to the lake. He said he wanted to talk and then he shows me a sonogram picture.”
                Drea covered her mouth with her hand. “Are you serious?” she asked after a beat. Yashira nodded.
                “And his mother, according to him, is making him marry the girl because she doesn’t want him to bring shame to her ministry. What is this, Elizabethan England?” Yashira sighed and pointed to a deli a few doors down from the shoe store.
                “You know I’m not going to eat there,” Drea said as she looked at the flickering pulled pork sandwich sign.
                “Maybe they have salads. Come on, you’ve gone to Atlanta and stopped eating meat?”
                Drea shrugged and nodded. “I’ve made some serious changes in my life, meat’s just the beginning.”
                “I guess that means you want be looking up Shelton while you’re at home this summer.”
                She rolled her eyes and snorted. “Not if he was the last man on the planet. That was one time thing because I didn’t want to head off to college a virgin.”
                “I heard that he’s been asking about you, so you must have put something on his mind,” she said. “How about Chinese?”
                “That sounds delish.  And you know what, I know the perfect outfit for tonight,” Drea said with a smile. “And it matches my shoes.”
                “That Asian dress that you said you’d never wear?” Drea and Yashira slapped five. “That’s going to be perfect.”
                “Shun won’t know what hit him,” Drea said. “Now, Calvin and his future wife, I say we should crash the wedding and eat their shrimp. You know his mother is going to make it seem as if they were high school sweethearts and this was in God’s plan.”
                “You’re so stupid, but you’re right. They always had a good spread at those church events,” Yashria said as they walked into the restaurant.

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imanirollins said...

The story is getting betta and betta. Keep upt the great work.