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Friday, June 24, 2011

Unfaithfully Yours, Part VI

                By the time Drea showered and dressed for her date with Shun, she felt a little nervous about going out with him. It was a feeling that washed over her quickly as she stepped into her new shoes. She started to call him and reschedule because she never felt like this before a date.
                Maybe Shun was different. She didn’t have to worry about keeping a façade up around him because they at least knew enough about each other to have good conversation.
And there was that kiss. The thought of his lips against hers sent chills down her spine. She wondered if she would be able to control herself in the dark with him if he kissed her again.
“It’s just a movie,” she said to her reflection as she teased her hair. “And nothing has to happen. But if it does, I’m not going to be too upset about.”
                About an hour later, Shun had pulled into the driveway and was talking to Aretha in the living room.  “And what are you two going to see?” she asked Shun as Drea walked into the room. Shun’s eyes roamed her body in that slinky black and red dress. Aretha even gave her child a once over.
                “Are you sure you two are just going to the movies?” Aretha asked.
                “Yes,” Drea said. “I just wanted to wear this dress.”
                “And you look very nice,” Shun said appreciatively.
                Aretha rose to her feet. “Have a good time.” When she left the room, Shun wrapped Drea up in his arms.
                “Why did you really want to wear this dress?” he whispered against her ear.
                “Because I wanted to see your jaw drop,” she replied with a sly smile.
                “Are you hungry? Maybe we can have dinner before going to the movies.”
                She shrugged, feeling Shun’s growing attraction against her thighs. “You want to skip the movie, don’t you?”
                He looked down into her eyes. “I wouldn’t mind it, but . . .”
                “Let’s go.”  What are you doing? she thought as they dashed out the door.
                They hopped into his car and started toward the interstate.  “Drea,” he said. “I intended for us to see a movie. I wanted to just kiss you in the theater. But seeing you in this dress, I have to tell you something. . .”
                “You want to sleep with me, huh?” she questioned.
                “I definitely want to peel you out of that dress and see what’s underneath it,” he replied, shooting a quick glance at her. “But only if you want to.”
                “Well, I didn’t put this dress on just because.”
                “So, dinner and then we can drive to Florence and get a room?” He sounded unsure and Drea couldn’t help but smile –despite the fact that she was nervous herself.  Shun was different. He had made an impression on her. Or maybe it was just the fact that he was familiar. Reminded her of her father. A military man who would protect her, right?
                “Yes,” she said.  “Dinner sounds a lot better than watching a movie.”

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imanirollins said...

I am really enjoying this blog. This will make a great book.