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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This proves that some people are brainless

On what planet does this flyer make sense? Who thought this was a good idea? Obviously, Bentley's in Greensboro, North Carolina. I'm going to get to the promoter in a moment. But the club owner OUGHT to be ashamed. This club OUGHT to be boycotted for allowing this trash to have been publicized.

We Like To Party Wednesdays in memory of Travyon Martin, the 17-year-old who was killed at the hands of George Zimmerman. What in the world does free wings and a lingerie lounge have to with justice for Travyon. Why did the promoters of this hot ass mess party think offering free admission with an empty bag of Skittles before 11 p.m. was a good idea? Are they just stupid? I say yes, but I wanted to hear from them.

So, I called the number listed on the flyer. The outgoing voicemail message said something to the effect: We know you're calling about the event for Wednesday and we've canceled it. We were going to send some of the money to the Martin family. (Yeah, right and George Zimmerman loves black people.) We were going to send the empty Skittles bags to the police in Sanford and that's not on the flyer. (Yeah, because empty bags of Skittles will do what?)
Let's look at what's on the flyer:
Lingerie Lounge will be wide open with the sexiest entertainers in NC!! I'm guessing if you removed that and put that proceeds from the party would be donated to the family it would've stopped some of your audience from coming?

Hosted by Nemo. Who the funk is Nemo? From the Disney Movie? I guess people in Greensboro know who this guy is and if you take his name off the flyer and say we're mailing empty Skittles bags to the police in Florida, because we're dumb as hell and don't know any other way to raise our voice, people won't come?

The promoters and the club owner here are part of the problem and aren't trying to find a solution at all for the injustice surrounding this case. You silly ass clowns make me ashamed to be living in North Carolina. Travyon Martin isn't your latest marketing ploy! Idiots, he was the son of Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton. His life was snuffed out while he went to get candy and tea for his soon to be step brother.

He is not an icon for your stupid party. You make us all look like fools because you're --every last person listed on that flyer-- are the biggest assholes and selfish bastards in the state of North Carolina. I'm willing to bet that you people and yes, I said you people, don't even know the name of the attorney who's  handling the case for the family. Where were you going to send the money? Let's be real, with all of you on this flyer -- after you split the profit, what was going to be left over?

This is not the CIAA--which, I'm  sure you don't contribute to the scholarship fund but you bring your asses to Charlotte and charge $75 to $100 for a party--where you can just exploit the mindless party goer.
If you want to be a part of the movement, then do it but not this way. Not in a selfish, exploitative manner that has you looking like a selfish, lying piece of dog dung. I'm sure you're of African American decent, you could be Travyon. How would your mother feel if she saw something like this?
Oh, and you could've been man enough to call me back. 

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