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Monday, March 5, 2012

What not to wear to the CIAA

CIAA 2012 is in the books. Congratulations to the Women's Champions, The Shaw University Lady Bears and and the Men's Champions, The Winston-Salem State University Rams.

They make clothes that fit.
Bad weave, ill fitting clothes, mismatched colors
Shopping at Streetwalkers R Us?
Now, let's talk about something that just gave me pause all week -- the way the women were dressed. Or not dressed. On Thursday it was 80 degrees, then the weather cooled off considerably. That didn't stop many CIAA attendees from dressing as if it were the middle of July. This. Was. Not. A. Good. Look.
She's wearing a sweater and grey STOCKINGS! Really? 

Hey Kool-Aid

But when this is the fashion advice that people are given:

What else can you expect?


alluhdat said...

I thought women were dressed very inappropriately. I'm not old but I believe in looking finished & being tasteful.

CherisH said...

I agree. Just tacky and trashy.

CherisH said...
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