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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Marie Charles's Fundraising arrest

Have you read Recipe For Desire? Are you wondering what happened in The Square when she and her friends were arrested?
Well, check it out:

Marie Charles yawned as she read another party invitation. Sure, she'd built her reputation as a party girl and her image had appeared on some flyers -- not always with her permission -- and promoters had paid her to show up at events before, but she was getting bored.

Her event planning company had come together with ease because if Marie was in the house, people would surely follow. Yawning, she tossed the invitations aside and kicked her feet, clad in a pair of black and white Christian Louboutin's, up on her brand new desk in the office of M&A Events. She recalled the conversation she and her father, Richard Charles III, had two days ago.
"Marie," he'd said. "You need to do something more with your life."
She'd sighed and sipped her chi tea. "Daddy," she'd replied. "I am doing something with my life. I just started M&A Events with Adriana and we're bringing class to the nightlife of this city."
Richard had simply shook his head. "You do realize that you're almost thirty. What do you have to show for it?"
"What do you mean?"
"You're wasting your life as this party girl. You need to start looking at a real future. A family, community service. What kind of legacy are you going to leave?"
Legacy? she'd thought. He acts as if I'm going to die tomorrow. But she'd kept silent.
"What are you plotting over there?" Adriana asked as she entered the office.
"Just thinking. Where have you been this morning?"
Adriana smiled brightly. "I was at a meeting with Mike Kitchen. We're going to celebrate your birthday at Pop Life."
Marie sucked her teeth. "That's so cliché. Everyone does that. I want to celebrate my birthday with a splash."
"Common is going to perform. Is that a big enough splash for you, your highness?" Adriana quipped.
Marie perked up. "That's a start. I have a question, what's going on in the world?"
"I want to raise money for a charity. Something that people will get behind and will get M&A in the news." Marie chewed her bottom lip then snapped her fingers. "I got it. Let's save some puppies or something."
"You don't even like dogs."
"Put the public does."
Adriana shook her head. "Why do I get the feeling that this is going to be a hot mess?"
"Please, I don't do hot messes. More like a pretty mess. Let me call Tia and Willow. Willow loves dogs and probably has a contact with some of those groups."
Adriana shook her head. "I don't want anything to do with this. When you and Tia get together trouble follows. You do realize that this could. . ."
"Bring us more clients, get us on the news and in the Observer. Just chill out and let me handle this. I plan to make a mark."
"Yeah, I bet you do. So, about Pop Life?"
"Will Common and I get some time together? If not, I'm good."
"I'll call Kitch and find out. I know they're planning to make a drink in your honor."
Marie smiled as she pulled out her cell phone. "I like the sound of that. Maybe we should go to Neiman Marcus and get the right outfits, just in case."
"Any excuse to shop is a good one, right?"
Marie reached her wild friends, Willow and Tia, and the women decided to protest and raise money to save puppies from a puppy mill in Gaston County. What Marie didn't do was get a permit to hold the event Uptown and she had no plans to do so. That would take too long and she wanted to get this done on her birthday, which was less than a week away.
The next day, Marie and Tia headed to the PETA regional office in Ballentyne to meet with the director. Of course, Ellena wanted to bring more people to the protest and wanted to do it in the Square.
"If you want to get attention," she told Marie. "You're going to have to be willing to take a big leap."
"Meaning?" Marie asked.
"Go naked."
Marie shrugged and turned to Tia. "Do you have a problem with that?"
Tia shook her head. "Not at all."
This will definitely leave a mark! Marie thought as she and Tia left the office.

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