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Monday, July 2, 2012

Meet Mimi Collins. . .a character without a story

I see Mimi looking like this!


I'm 35, single and childless. Love and I don't get along to well. My last relationship ended with a text message from he who shall be called asshole. It simply said, "I can't do this. I wish you the best. Oh, can I have my Jordan jersey back?"
I gave it back to him but it was in the form of ashes. Yes, I burned his throwback Jordan jersey on my charcoal grill. 

So, my current relationship is with shoes and work. I'm the curator at the Charlotte Museum of Art and Cultural Science. I have one hard and fast rule--never date an artist. EVER!  

Check back for more Mimi updates. The birth of a character.

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scott davidson said...

"I saw this picture in the school library where someone's face was all made up of fruits and vegetables," my son said. "Would be cool to have one of those in my room."
He and I searched for art about "vegetables" in and immediately found this one,, by Giuseppe Arcimboldo, which fits the bill to the nearest pear.