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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Midlands/Low Country Weekend

I've been complaining about not getting my summer glow. I've been spending hours and hours in the house working on two books--who has time for sunbathing? Well in the last 48 hours, I got some good old South Carolina sun and that sun kissed look I crave. Yay! But that's not even the best part of my weekend. Let's start with Saturday in Columbia, S.C. -- The Midlands.
Latoya Morris Guider. Photo by Sheryl Montgomery
Photo by Sheryl Montgomery
Photo by Sheryl Montgomery
LaToya Morris Guider hosted a meet and greet for me. And let me tell you, Miss Lady did her thing! Toya is a member of the SistaFriends Book Club, an avid reader, and an all around cool person. You can tell that from one conversation with her. And you know cool people have cool friends. I can't thank Toya and everyone who came out to the Columbia meet and greet on Saturday.
Photo by Sheryl Montgomery
And because Devon -- my hero from  Recipe For Desire -- was so into chocolate, Toya created a chocolate buffet. YUM! We all just sat down and had a good time talking and eating some delectable sweets that Devon would've approved of wholeheartedly. I have to admit, I'm still surprised that people actually want to hear what I have to say. I'm humbled and happy that folks enjoy reading my books and having a meet and greet is one of the highlights of my writing career! So, thanks again to Toya for rolling out the chocolate carpet and hosting me. Then it was off the South Carolina low country. I'm sure my mom and dad are getting a kick out of this. I remember a vacation we took when I was a teenager. I didn't enjoy my stay in Charleston then. I kinda felt as if I was invading on a romantic weekend with my parents. Charleston is a romantic city (So, yes, you can expect a book set in Charleston soon). It was a fun research trip that gave me my sun kiss! Awesome!!
Night time on Folly Beach

Pretty Pink Beach House


Downtown Charleston

This face, I'm about to get some Starbucks! In Columbia on my way back to Charlotte.

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