Publisher's Weekly reviews Love After War

I'll admit it, reviews make me nervous. I get all up in my feelings about reviews -- not enough to become one of those authors behaving badly, though. 

So, when I was alerted to Publisher's Weekly review of Love After War,  I was a little nervous.

Then I read it.

This neatly plotted and well-written urban romance is packed with Hodges’s trademarks: sensuality, standout characters, and sophisticated drama. While on assignment in Los Angeles, photographer Dana Singleton runs into her charming ex-boyfriend Adrian Bryant, who owns a club there. An unexpected kiss arouses old longings, but Dana wonders whether Adrian will break her heart again. He wants to come clean with her about his side of their breakup and his plans to exact revenge upon the wealthy father who abandoned him and his mother, but Adrian always stops short of the full truth.
Then, I was feeling like this:
                                           Credit Erica Singleton
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